Introducing Black Business Boom: Empowering Black Entrepreneurs Through Training, Mentorship, and Support

Black Business Boom
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Black Business Boom is a social enterprise dedicated to helping Black-owned small businesses flourish by providing a comprehensive support system. Founded by Danielle McGee, an accomplished small business advocate, entrepreneur, and professor at Tennessee State University, Black Business Boom aims to bridge the gap between Black-owned businesses and the resources, training, and mentorship they need to succeed.

The Birth of a Vision

Danielle McGee’s inspiration for Black Business Boom came from her own challenges and experiences as an entrepreneur. She saw a need to create a platform that would assist Black-owned businesses in overcoming common hardships, ensuring they had access to the support and tools necessary for their growth and success.

Initially, Black Business Boom was conceived as a “Groupon for Black-owned businesses,” but as the team began onboarding companies, they identified gaps and pivoted towards becoming a full-fledged Black Business Support System.

Supporting Growth and Success

Black Business Boom’s primary objectives are to provide opportunities for Black-owned businesses and help their corporate partners leverage Black owned businesses to  meet supplier diversity goals. The brand has expanded to include Boomin University, a non-profit organization offering free training, coaching, and mentorship to Black-owned small businesses. Additionally, Black Owned Nashville, a directory of over 1500 Black-owned businesses, was established to promote and increase spending within the community.

Black Business Boom
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A Passion for Empowerment

Danielle McGee is a certified digital marketer, an entrepreneur with 10 years of experience, and a former healthcare executive. She has conducted numerous workshops, conferences, and coaching sessions to teach other entrepreneurs how to build sustainable businesses. Her passion for supporting the growth of Black-owned small businesses is reflected in her work and accomplishments.

Recognized for her outstanding contributions to the industry, Danielle has received several awards, including the Power Moves Award in Entrepreneurship in 2019, the National Coalition of Black Women Susan Shorter Emerging Leaders Award, Traffic, Sales and Profit Circle of Seven Award, and social media influencer awards from Women Who Rock Nashville and Southern Entertainment Awards.

Creating a Global Marketplace

Black Business Boom’s mission is to create a global marketplace that empowers Black entrepreneurs to achieve success. By partnering with local organizations, financial institutions, and corporate entities, they aim to provide a network of resources and support that extends beyond their online platform, making it easier for Black entrepreneurs to access the tools they need to succeed.

For more information about Black Business Boom, visit their website at Connect with Danielle McGee on LinkedIn at and follow Black Business Boom on Instagram @blackbusinessboom.


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