Immigration Attorney Brad Bernstein Giving a Look into the Complex Processes and Successes of His Immigration Cases

Immigration battles have existed for decades, and often, they require the services of seasoned immigration attorneys or experts to achieve victory. Many clients have their success stories tied to the expertise of their attorneys, and one of such attorneys whose name frequently comes up in the charter is New York City attorney Brad Bernstein, who has years of experience achieving success for many people who have had immigration issues or challenges.

As an immigrant himself, Brad Bernstein leads the New York City-based immigration law firm Spar & Bernstein, which has been at the forefront of helping numerous clients solve their immigration problems. With a combination of knowledge, expertise, experience and compassion, Spar & Bernstein gives its clients a fighting chance and the best odds possible to retain their lives and be at peace throughout the process.

Giving a vivid look into the process, Brad Bernstein has taken some of his recent victories to social media by sharing them on Instagram and his popular YouTube show, Brad Show Live. “By answering viewers’ immigration legal questions through phone calls and social media on Brad Show Live, I have expanded the pro-Bono experience to many people who may not otherwise have the means to such valuable information,” Bernstein said. “It’s an exciting time because we have many tools and platforms to get out our positive message, and I am doing my best to make the most of them. The world needs to understand these things, and I try to share as much as possible on the show.”

Despite being in New York, Spar & Bernstein has represented numerous clients across all 50 states in the US and other countries. The office opened for operations in 1958 and has crossed the 100,000th case milestone. As a result, many people have gotten a fresh start in their lives, escaped dangerous situations, reunited with their families and achieved many other things that have edged them closer to their life goals. Under Brad Bernstein’s leadership, Spar & Bernstein has impacted lives and helped them live their dreams.

The Brad Show Live airs on YouTube from Monday to Thursday and is packed with rich content that features immigration news, immigration topics, inspiring immigration success stories and everything in between. Brad Bernstein adopts a fun approach to keep the audience engaged while learning about the intricacies of immigration laws in the most honest and accurate way.

Over the next few years, Brad Bernstein remains committed to helping as many people as possible overcome their immigration challenges while educating the public about important immigration laws and processes they need to know. “Many people have these issues and need to solve them expeditiously. At Spar & Bernstein, we do not offer cookie-cutter solutions. We handle each case individually with specific attention and tailored strategies,” Brad said. “Our goal is victory for all cases we handle: thus, we do not take things for granted and put our best feet forward to ensure our clients return to their lives with peace of mind and no problems.”


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