H&R Training Professionals: Helping Single Fathers Re-Organize Their Lives

H&R Training Professionals bring order and flow to the lives of single fathers by training them for both professional and personal challenges. 

Being a single father is not a piece of cake. You have to be mentally and physically strong to battle the challenges! But don’t forget the cheer that accompanies this unique stance in life. A single father has many things to do – care for his children, focus on his work, make enough money for a comfortable life, etc. However, all this weighs him down like an anvil if there is a lack of support and guidance in life. 

H&R Training Professionals provides expert Business coaching, mentoring career coaching as well as formal and informal support. With this kind of indispensable go-to professional, single dads can transform their lives and have control over it. 

This association has worked with fathers who live in single accommodations. They are training single fathers to become entrepreneurs and how to set up their business with zero finance working from home. They held one-on-one business coaching, life skills mentoring, and supported them on how to write a successful business plan, how to do fundraising successfully, and how to upscale their business. In addition, they supported some fathers with one-on-one online/phone advice, helped them complete online Universal Credit application forms while also offering similar forms of life coaching/mentoring.

These aspects of life are ignored by many new single fathers, but in the long haul, it can have both psychological and financial turbulence in life. An alarming story by one of the professionals of the organization is the best reminder of why some professional guidance is inherent to the lives of single parents. 

One beautiful day, Margaret Thorli (Founder of H&R Training Professionals) got a distressing call from the manager informing them not to go into the office because she needs to go to the job center because someone needed urgent guidance. 

It was a single father who had no gas, electricity or food, and was concerned about his child. The professionals at H&R immediately set up a loan for him and helped him fulfill his needs. If it wasn’t for their help, he might’ve come across the most stressful scenario in his life. 

During the COVID 19, some single fathers were greatly affected by the sudden changes during the COVID-19 restrictions and government lockdown. Some had to close their businesses; others were furloughed and some lost their jobs.

H&R Training Professionals is for all single fathers who have currently separated from their partners, facing financial distress, need guidance, or just support in this journey.

The upcoming workshops by H&R Training Professionals for single fathers are:

  • Get Back on Track in Life and Business.
  • Online Masterclass How to Write Successful Funding Application Forms
  • Let’s Change Your Life With Margaret Thorli
  • Father’s Talk Show Coming Soon.
  • Mentor Training for Young People in A Gang

The training would be for four weeks, two days a week. The men will receive 1 to 1 business coaching and also life coaching. This training is free and is created with the goal of never letting any single parent face the hurdles that Margaret faced. Just like she was once made redundant, but kept her courage and enthusiasm to tackle the problems of life, she wants to empower the single father with that same energy. To know more about her work, visit her website here.


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