How Visionary Harpreet Kaur Is Promoting Diversity in the Corporate Scene Through ‘Why Blend In’

Society has always encouraged people to adhere to the status quo. After all, it is a proven tool for maintaining order and stability. However, too much conformity can also kill individuality and, in turn, progress. As such, remarkable thought leader Harpreet Kaur bravely goes against the grain to champion diversity through Why Blend In.

The outstanding individual is an esteemed authority in the tech space with an impressive experience that spans more than two decades. Throughout her career, she has spearheaded several highly successful projects and product teams in the enterprise and consumer sectors. Currently, she is leading the Windows Server and Azure products at Microsoft.

On top of her profound knowledge and expertise, the professional’s unwavering dedication to her advocacy of diversity and inclusivity sets her apart. Being a first-generation immigrant from India, she proudly showcases her heritage and faith by wearing a turban as a devout Sikh.

Because of this, the insightful woman experienced firsthand how challenging it can be to thrive as a female minority in an industry designed to favor and be heavily dominated by caucasian men. Yet despite the countless hurdles thrown her way, Harpreet did not lose her drive. If anything, she strategically used her setbacks as motivation and turned them into advantages.

Refusing to fade into the background, she founded Why Blend In to bring forth a wave of diverse leaders from all walks of life. Through the stellar venture, she offers formal and informal mentorship sessions, which allows her to guide professionals to navigate the highly competitive corporate world successfully.

In addition, she utilizes practical advice and strategies rooted in real-life experiences to teach her clients how to cultivate a culture of trust and acceptance within an organization. In doing so, diversity is not merely acknowledged but celebrated. As a result, everyone feels confident bringing their genuine self to work, fostering a more collaborative and open workplace environment. 

Not only that, but she has also established a stellar reputation as a respected keynote and leadership speaker who has graced the stages of LinkedIn, Microsoft, Teradata, ColorComm, Grace Hopper, Ignite Worldwide, TedX, Reverb, Owntrail, Rise Up for You, and NY University, among others. The visionary talks about various topics such as DEI, Allyship, converting failures to success, and inspiring highly productive teams.

Aside from being a distinguished and knowledgeable resource on several subjects, what makes Harpreet such an effective orator is her empathy. As someone with an intimate knowledge of discrimination and prejudice, she can relate to her audience at a deeper level allowing her to forge meaningful and genuine connections.

Moreover, through her passion for her vision, she has developed an exceptional way of captivating her audience by encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness, break stereotypes, and be force multipliers. In fact, the leader leaves a lasting impact on her audiences with her incredible message of “Why blend in when you are born to stand out!”

Harpreet Kaur is indeed a champion for diversity. Moving forward, the exemplary woman hopes to connect with organizations, especially in tech sector, where she want to inspire their teams and promote diversity.


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