How Virtual Assistants Can Be Santa’s Secret Helpers

‘Tis the season to be…stressed out. This winter, while families and friends navigate Covid restrictions, higher prices for pretty much everything and, of course, the dinner table, executives get to worry about strained supply chains, inflation and worker shortages. With the economy freezing up and the housing market (finally) slowing down thanks to sky-high prices, most CEOs aren’t feeling very jolly these days. If only there was an army of magical elves to help Santa spread some much needed holiday cheer…

Craig Goodliffe, founder and CEO of Manila-based Cyberbacker, has built such an army of happy helpers and they’re only a few keystrokes away. His fast-growing startup already employs over a thousand virtual assistants trained to do almost any task that any executive, realtor or even housewife might not want to do. Cyberbackers have helped thousands of companies worldwide power through the pandemic, relieving schedules and stress while enhancing productivity and mitigating labor shortages. Now these magical elves are ready to bring joy to the world! 

Goodliffe hired his first virtual assistant off of Craig’s List several years ago. He was building up a high-volume real estate agency at the time, and needed to make every minute count. Even then he remembers it as a game changer. Today, thanks to the pandemic lockdowns, more than ever can be accomplished virtually. We’re all on the cloud; we’ve all learned to Zoom; and we’re having most of our lives delivered. What we haven’t been able to do is create more time. Indeed, many Americans are now working multiple remote jobs and exploring side hustles.  

Cue Goodliffe’s virtual assistants. ‘Tis the season to show family members, customers and employees how much they’re valued, but taking time to wade through on-line catalogues and hunt down address lists is hardly a productive use of time for the executive who’s already dealing with 2021’s unique challenges (see above). Thankfully, virtual assistants know how to play Santa. Not only that, they’ll keep track of what’s on everyone’s wish list so you look nice and not naughty for years to come. 

Of course you’ll want to look the part this winter, and virtual assistants are also experts in making over your home or office (or home office) into the North Pole for that perfect holiday card. They can even help decide who makes the list–and who doesn’t–by filtering yoru social media accounts. What CEO doesn’t want to remind friends, family and clients how much they’re looking forward to a brand new year making memories and making sales?

Planning real events is another virtual assistant specialty. Cyberbacker’s team may be located halfway across the world, but Goodliffe has plenty of experts in coordinating whatever is needed for a holiday celebration, from locations and venues to caterers and menus. Just sit back, eat, drink and be merry as your elves make it the most wonderful time of the year.

Of course, virtual assistants do their best work with a little direction, so explains how to properly choose, vet and train a virtual assistant. Goodliffe’s very first assistant, Daphne, ended up joining his company and still works for him today. What does she recommend gifting the executive who has everything? A one-year subscription for a virtual assistant service, of course. It’s probably a lot cheaper than you think. 

Goodliffe thinks that this holiday season will be a breakout for virtual assistants. After all, he says, real workers are disappearing fast and even Santa can’t do it all alone. Why Scrooge yourself?


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