How Ty J. Young Built One of the Leading Wealth Management Firms for Retirement

How Ty Young Built One of the Leading Wealth Management Firms for Retirement
Photo Credited to: Ty Young

For over a quarter century, Ty J. Young Wealth Management has helped thousands of clients gain financial security in retirement. Specializing in annuities, Young’s team has become the leading voice in helping clients make decisions for their financial future. Young is regularly recognized as one of the top experts in personal finance and retirement strategy.

We connect with Young for an interview where he talks about his start in the financial industry, the approach he brings to financial advisory services, what challenges and prospects he sees coming up in the future, and what he’s learned over the course of his professional career.

The Early Days

The 1990s were a volatile time in the financial services industry. Stock and bond prices were in constant fluctuation, as were interest rates. The competitive nature of financial services drove institutions to find products that earned income while protecting customers’ investments.

Young started his career with companies that focused on risk management. It was there he learned about an innovative financial tool and decided to focus on making it an institutional mainstay.

“The firms I worked with back in the 90s were risk-oriented, and the hardest part of that was telling people when they lost money. In the late 90s, I learned about a fantastic product called a Fixed Index Annuity where clients never lose money due to market fluctuation while maximizing their gains. I couldn’t find any companies to work with that fit their business model, so I decided to start my own. It started with my wife and I, in our garage, with two little kids.”

A Positive, Winning Approach

From the start, Ty J. Young Wealth Management has focused on building a positive, successful culture. Such a perspective reinforces employee motivation, creating a sense of resiliency and inspiring creativity.

Especially in an industry known for its volatility, Young’s approach is crucial in finding and retaining top talent. Young’s clients benefit as well, noting how a positive attitude attracts success and confidence as much as hard work.

“Our goal is to only hire goal-oriented team members with a winning attitude … people whose mission in life is to make a positive difference in every life they touch. As a result, we have a goal-oriented, winning culture, with a group of people who work hard and play hard. They are super fun to work with, and I consider it an honor and a privilege to lead an organization like ours.”

Expectations and Challenges

The prospect of retirement carries a sense of vulnerability. While everyone wants to feel happy and fulfilled in their golden years, market fluctuations make them feel nervous about their financial outlook.

There are no rock-solid guarantees in the financial industry. That’s why Ty J. Young focuses on building and refining its approach to fixed index annuities and retirement planning. He balances his clients’ expectations and sensitivity with a realistic, positive, and proven approach.

“Our clients all share a similar desire. They want to grow their money as quickly as they can, with the highest rate of return, they don’t want to pay ridiculous fees, and most importantly they don’t want to lose money when the market goes down. They want to go forward with their money, never backwards… up, and never down. We achieve those goals by using investment products that go up with the market, the gains lock in, and when the stock market goes down, the clients don’t lose anything.” 

Ty’s Outlook for 2024

At the start of 2023, economic uncertainty reigned in the United States. Interest rates had been in flux for the first time in decades, and turbulence made many investors back off or take a “wait-and-see” approach. By the end of the year, a positive labor market and a steadily rebuilding economy gave many a sense of true, credible optimism.

Can this hope sustain itself in 2024? Ty believes so. In fact, current interest rates have had a tremendous impact on the product he specializes in — and his clients.

“Our clients are benefiting from higher interest rates! When rates are up, you can lock in higher rates long term. Effectively, you can refinance your annuities to get better rates. You refinance your mortgage when interest rates are low: you pay less interest and it’s better for you financially. You can also refinance your annuity when interest rates are up; locking in higher rates long term, which means you make more money and is better for you financially. I’m super excited about the environment we are in because our clients are getting much higher rates. With our favorite product, a fixed index annuity, they are doubling and tripling how much they make when the market goes up while avoiding downside market risk. It’s a huge difference!”

The Key to Sustained Success

What has Ty J. Young learned in his financial journey? The same thing that people behind every successful financial venture have discovered: that every customer is important. Their needs, perspectives, and prosperity are directly linked to the continued success of Young’s business.

“We are never too big to take care of an individual client’s needs, every single client is important no matter how big or small their accounts are. We make sure every client has white glove customer service every single time. We believe great service is the key to a successful business.”


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