How to Become a Leader with Cross-Industry Innovations

How to Become a Leader with Cross-Industry Innovations

Numerous discussions are centered on top-notch products and technology, showcasing their diverse forms and capabilities. However, when the conversation shifts to cross-industry innovations, it seems that companies tend to overlook this particular opportunity time and time again. Ksenia Sternina, Managing Partner at Duamentes Global Alliance, is sharing insights on how to harness this approach effectively, allowing businesses to overcome their competitors and become leaders in their industry. 

How is it possible for a data-oriented company to cover so many industries simultaneously and effectively?  

We’ve been active in 20+ industries right from the beginning. Our journey started with founders who brought hands-on experience from various sectors such as gaming, IT, social networks, traveltech, fintech, automotive, and more. 

As the company evolved, our expertise expanded across additional industries, and we developed an extensive Insights Database spanning different sectors and regions. By extracting the necessary insights, we drive progress for our clients without starting from scratch. This expertise forms the basis for offering genuinely new, sometimes even unexpected solutions.  

Why is the industry-agnostic approach effective? 

Our headquarters in the UK serves as a hub for global operations across 35 countries. We work closely with startups, corporations, and companies of all sizes, and they all have one thing in common – the need for insights and a cross-industry approach. Why? Because it is a core driver for staying ahead of competitors. 

Every industry progresses at its unique pace, but now, they all follow digital transformation trend. Some sectors initiated their digital evolution earlier, that enabled companies to experiment with various ideas, discover new solutions, and emerge as pioneers with innovative products and services. Meanwhile, others embarked on their digital transformation journey later. So, it’s essential to adopt progress from one industry into another. 

For instance, the gaming industry essentially emerged in the digital space, making it highly mature in terms of digital evolution. Industries like banking and media started their digital journeys earlier than many others. While manufacturing and construction only recently embarked on their paths, and although they are quickly catching up, they still lag behind. 

We see that in some industries, the standard for user experience is set exceptionally high, influencing expectations across the board. As a result, people begin to anticipate the same level of excellence in other areas. Companies must keep up with trends, and those that get these insights ahead of others become leaders, delivering the best solutions and winning over competitors. Our goal is to be this kind of cross-industry platform to transfer insights and trends from one industry to another, helping companies excel in their own sectors.   

What are some examples? 

Here is a good example, when a single underlying infrastructure supports multiple virtual services or brands, much like how mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) use the physical network infrastructure of a traditional mobile operator but offer their services under different brands. 

Another example is virtual banks, that leverage the existing infrastructure of traditional banks to provide digital banking services, eliminating the need for physical branches. This approach allows them to offer convenient and efficient banking solutions to customers entirely online. 

Similar trends are starting to emerge in other industries as well. For instance, in some regions, like Texas, Massachusetts, and Illinois, the infrastructure for utilities like electricity and water is being opened to allow multiple service providers to offer utility services using the same physical distribution networks. Multiple providers can sell electricity through the same power grid, offering consumers a choice of suppliers. 

So, taking a cross-industry perspective is both impressive and strategic. That’s why companies continue to use this approach and partner with us; we provide expertise and insights that offer new angles, not just the ones they’re already familiar with, that help them generate impactful innovations. 

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