How Solar Exclusive Has Supplanted Itself as the Premier Digital Marketing Company in the Solar Industry for Lead Generation

Solar leads and, as an extension, appointments, are essentially the fabric of any successful and high-performing solar business that is continually growing. That need is what Rich Feola sought to fill when he created the premier lead-generating company in the industry, Solar Exclusive.

Solar Exclusive is the most trustworthy and reputable company in the solar space, and for good reason. It drives results. In fact, the company is behind the steering wheel, at the forefront of the solar industry.

“We understand what it takes to perform at a high level in the solar business,” Feola stated. “We understand this, which is why we developed improved techniques, such as using YouTube ads, to help energize client pipelines with consistent, quality solar customers. There are a lot of call centers out there vying for solar companies’ attention, but our unique spin is that we implement a call center solution along with a YouTube marketing strategy that converts.”

Social media has proven vital for attracting customers, but trying to do everything in-house has proven just as stressful. With the solar sales industry becoming overly crowded, decisions for one’s company need to be calculated and decisive. That is why Solar Exclusive does what it does for its clients.

Partnering with Solar Exclusive has paid dividends for numerous clients throughout the years. The reasons why are actually quite simple. Clients choose the company because its services are affordable because they are provided with the best-possible and exclusive leads at competitive price points; the company focuses just on solar marketing, so there are no distractions, regardless of whether it is in its bread and butter realm of residential services or that of commercial ones. Finally, the company also provides pre-set appointments for clients to make it easier to close deals via a unique and simplified booking system.

About Solar Exclusive

Solar Exclusive is a marketing company that formulates unique and high-quality leads for solar businesses all over the United States. The company prides itself on increasing the customer base, as well as reach, for solar clients by providing them with exclusive leads that garner results.

Furthermore, besides ensuring that all clients are satisfied with their pre-set appointments and targeted leads that the company delivers, Solar Exclusive is also playing its part to help ensure the carbon footprint by humans begins to dial back.

“For energy consultants and solar businesses to essentially grow and eventually expand their reach, it’s become a necessity to build a solid pipeline and generate leads on a consistent basis,” Feola said. “We accomplish this by sending our clients pre-set appointments and a valuable, constant and consistent stream of exclusive solar leads to meet their needs.”

Google Me This

At Solar Exclusive, Feola and his team of industry experts have built a long-lasting and high-performing marketing machine. In fact, the company is the premier Google and YouTube digital marketing experts in the industry.

With a dedicated Google executive team at the client’s disposal, who all operate out of the company headquarters in San Francisco, Calif., it allows the company to test and refine unreleased Google and YouTube strategies that the general public or individual solar companies could not otherwise access. Since it is the largest spender in solar advertising on YouTube alone, the company has unlocked unmatched capabilities and potential.

“People get more sales as a result of our efforts,” said Feola. “Many companies that solar professionals enlist for digital marketing don’t have much experience in the solar space, so the company ends up serving as the guinea pig for the marketers to test with their hard-earned marketing dollars, what might convert to actual appointments and sales. This often results in solar companies getting burned and losing their investment.”

According to Feola, the Google platform is the most important channel for generating solar leads because it is far more efficient than essentially going door-to-door and utilizing other traditional methods and tactics. Google, as well as YouTube, are the quickest ways to formulate a pipeline of potential leads of the highest quality.

“This is why you want to hire a professional team with experience, so you can focus on your business while we energize your brand,” he said. “The largest solar organizations in the country, like Tesla, Sunrun and others, have dialed-in their advertising and marketing efforts online, and you should do the same!”

Above and Beyond

There are numerous reasons why clients enlist Solar Exclusive to help them generate leads for their respective solar businesses. Among them, the company has many different specialties, including a unique filtering system that delivers high-quality leads. Additionally, the company also does research and development for their in-depth targeting on Google and YouTube, allocation services that pairs leads with the company to maximize KPIs, consistency and reliability via assigning leads and pre-set appointments, automated services and homeowner data to draw leads.

Furthermore, Solar Exclusive also offers clients what no other company can: access to its free call center services. There is a reason why the company has served over 2,500 satisfied customers while turning in more than 2 million leads across 286 different markets and 43 states. That is because Feola and Co. offer clients superior customer service, whether residential or commercial.

There are typically hurdles included with building a reliable and dedicated pipeline of qualified homeowners when one’s marketing strategy isn’t performing. The struggle comes with not only booking appointments with their leads at high conversion rates but also in building a pipeline of qualified appointments with homeowners who are easier to close and not price-shoppers.

This is where Solar Exclusive shines.

In providing its call center services, clients can focus more on securing high-quality leads that churn in the center, versus having to operate as a one-stop shop. This not only relieves clients of unnecessary pressure, but allows them to center in on closing deals.

“For client leads, sometimes it’s a lot of work for them to answer the demand,” said Feola. “The fact that we offer our call center for free is a huge perk. They then only have to go to the appointments and sell their solar products and offerings. Our unique system prevents shoppers from entering their pipeline, which is totally unique compared to most solar lead vendors in the marketplace today.”

About Rich Feola

Rich Feola is the Founder of Solar Exclusive, an eight-figure marketing company that generates unique, qualified leads and appointments for solar companies across the nation. Solar Exclusive has been featured in Digital Journal, Yahoo Finance, NBC and FOX, among other publications. For clients interested in skyrocketing the success of their solar businesses with the highest-quality solar leads on the Internet, book a strategy call at:


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