How Peter Szalontay and DataMilk Utilize the Numbers Game to Continue Making Noise in the Ecommerce UX Automation Space

The founder of DataMilk, CEO Peter Szalontay, grew up in Budapest, Hungary, before making his way over to the United States to attend UCLA. His education was heavily influenced by mathematics and he was quite advanced in the subject prior to arriving.

Szalontay had no family in the U.S., so he relied mostly on himself, with help from mentors along the way, of whom he garnered much respect and skills in the process. After graduating from UCLA, he earned a startup job helping immigrants become more acclimated with the country via a mobile assimilation app, while also paying out-of-pocket for his green card.

Working at the startup, Szalontay gained experience and grew his skillset, enough so that he next landed a position as product manager on the search team at Google. After just a few months in the position, he was granted permission to build a 1,000-employee team, spanning over three different continents, to write ads and test ad creative automation. The result was the building of a new $100 million line of business in just six months.

Believing that copywriting could also be automated, he then took on his next big challenge at Google, a four-year process which turned into a multi-billion dollar project, which Google still utilizes today as its primary advertising platform, Responsive Search Ads.

Having accomplished so much already over the course of his budding career, Szalontay felt the itch to step into entrepreneurship. He launched a food delivery business aimed at providing for middle-class and lower-income families, but just as it did with so many other companies and people’s lives, the effects of COVID-19 ruined the business, depleting his life savings in the process. The experience, however, helped him realize the value of a good team and also how an extraordinary team, one cultivated from a strong culture, should be his focus. This was all achieved by zeroing in on what Szalontay loves: mathematics. It’s all a numbers game.

“My goal is to surround myself with people so smart that they make me uncomfortable and take us on a joyful journey and create financial prosperity for everyone involved — our customers, team and investors,” he said.

And like that, DataMilk, the VC-funded and high-growth startup was born, consisting of a team of user experience (UX) experts and data scientists who all previously were employed at top tech companies like Google, Facebook and Mozilla.

Revolutionizing Experience Optimization 

DataMilk uses a smart artificial intelligence (AI) UX automation process to yield results for clients in just one hour, compared to the months of work that it takes to see results with typical A/B testing and AI-driven personalization tools. With this process, DataMilk generates significant profit 10 times faster than other e-commerce tech companies. All it takes is a five-minute integration after signing up and DataMilk takes it from there.

Ecommerce brands feel empowered in partnering with DataMilk to help them rival the user experience of bigger tech companies, delivering AI UX optimization on levels comparable to companies like Amazon or TikTok. The smart components are powered by ranking models and data engineering, both sophisticated and high-performing. Additionally, thousands of A/B tests are run simultaneously, while the UX is optimized for conversion rate, AOV and overall revenue.

Quite frankly, DataMilk is the fastest possible solution to help improve client’s experience across enterprise and mid-market ecommerce companies.

A key advantage with DataMilk is that one’s site will start behaving smarter and will be generating 6–12% more in profits directly following integration. No further product or engineering work is needed and all UX optimization will launch automatically in conjunction with the AI.

“In this new age of AI, e-commerce brands shouldn’t need to employ Google-level expensive engineers to build high-quality UX that maximizes profit,” said Szalontay.

The components are plugged into an already-established ecommerce site and, without the need of a re-platform or integration with a database, the UX optimization is executed for the client. In fact, the software begins operating effectively right away. Performance is even monitored via a unique client dashboard, which measures and communicates in real-time the ROI.

“I tend to focus more on the speed to achieve results,” said Szalontay. “Company leaders are always aware of revenue and results. That is why we help them get to where they want to be in one hour versus having to endure a process over months. People are always looking for ideas as to what they can do to enhance their UX. Our response to that is giving them free optimization ideas by inviting them to join DataMilk.”

About DataMilk

DataMilk is an AI UX optimization tool that delivers revenue growth for enterprise level eCommerce brands in 1 hour, not months. Get results without any extra investment in hiring or infrastructure. Clients see conversion rate and profit growth from day 1 supported by advanced AI automation and real-time ROI tracking at all times. For more information on how to join and build the next generation of UX, please visit


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