How Nicolas Korvessis Is Using Innovation in a Congested Industry and Maintaining Long-Term Relationships With Happy Clients

Nicolas Korvessis
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In the industry of social media marketing and paid advertising, there are thousands of self-proclaimed “gurus” that offer guarantees to make millions of dollars by following their specific programs. It can be difficult attempting to discern which course is the correct one to take, and many businesses hoping to take off with online ads may not necessarily have the capital to spend a lot on training courses, to begin with. Finding the right coach is crucial, and Nicolas Korvessis has found success for his hundreds of clients while using upfront communication and transparency. This willingness to operate with such honesty is a breath of fresh air for many entrepreneurs hoping to break into online advertisements, as there are undoubtedly many dishonest people in the industry who will offer vague instructions with no actual return on investment. Korvessis, CEO and founder of the Scale Lab Group, shares that they are not a marketing agency. They are business growth partners; an organization willing to go the extra mile to customize their playbook to fit each specific business, creating long-term results.

Understand Their Offer and the Audience

Korvessis and his team take as much time as necessary to fully understand their clients’ business and plan accordingly. Before they ever accept a dime from a new client, they create a “battle plan” in order to maximize their clients’ potential for bringing in paying customers and attracting people who are actually interested in purchasing a product or service. Scale Lab Group are experts at helping businesses attract, nurture and convert strangers into paying clients by leveraging their “pyramid of growth” System. Korvessis and his team take the time to fully understand their clients’ business, and create a battle plan to maximize their potential for attracting a loyal client base. 

Testing Everything

Korvessis leaves no stone unturned when it comes to testing their strategy and battle plan. “We are always testing,” he shares. He ensures that no mistakes have been made and that the proposed advertising method for the specific client is one that works and will bring concrete results. His approach is refreshing for many entrepreneurs looking for honest guidance and long-term results.

Reporting Everything

Korvessis’ priority for communication and transparency includes his desire to keep his clients constantly up to date with their results; sharing all reports, and making sure they are aware and able to remain up to date themselves. Client reporting is valuable because it encourages relationships with clients and helps them to continue to be educated. Even after long-term services, clients can still learn from reporting and continue to improve their business as a result. This thoroughness in business keeps his relationships with clients secure and intact, creating an atmosphere of trust and commitment.

For those interested in working with Nicolas Korvessis and the Scale Lab Group, he can be found through email;, on his Website, and on his Instagram.


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