How Keith Wasserstrom Unlocks Entrepreneurial Freedom

How Keith Wasserstrom Unlocks Entrepreneurial Freedom

Picture this: you’re an entrepreneur, swimming in endless to-dos, feeling like a prisoner in the very business you once passionately built. That zest you once had is shadowed by administrative tasks and the stress of making sure your company runs like a well-oiled machine. But what if you could reclaim your role as the visionary and get back to what you do best? This is where Keith Wasserstrom of Corporate Counsel Business Advisors comes in, offering a lifeline to leaders drowning in operational quicksand.

Keith has honed the formula to fine-tune any business environment: let leaders lead in their zone of genius and ensure everyone else is matching their skills to their roles. “It’s like a symphony,” Keith explains, “when every employee truly resonates with their work, they’re happier, more productive, and guess what? They stick around.”

His advice rings as clear as a bell for those caught in the monotony trap. Keith passionately believes that business owners shouldn’t be marooned on Spreadsheet Island. “You started this journey because you had a vision, a flare for innovation, or maybe a unique skill that promised to carve out a slice of the market. Why lose sight of that?”

One might think Keith’s suggestions are theoretical but rest assured; they are born from cumulative success stories. “I was at a point with my business where I needed some help. I was…missing out on time with my wife and kids,” quotes a client who underwent Keith’s transformative approach. In much less than an hour, Keith identified the pain points and had a roadmap ready—a testimony to his expertise.

At the core of his principles lie four pillars found in his coaching platform, System & Soul: process (the system), purpose, passion, and people (the soul). Cadence and accountability keep everyone singing the same tune. Keith expertly navigates through the labyrinth of company processes and aligns them with values central to the business’s identity. It’s not enough to have the right people on board, he notes, they must also be in the right seats—and more critically, in tune with the company’s culture and values.

Keith’s approach is holistic. “Recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining employees are headaches absent from a happy company,” he asserts. By addressing each of these pain points, Keith frees business leaders to re-engage with their passions both in and out of the office, be it golfing or cheering on their kids at soccer games. A delighted and cheerful leader engenders a fulfilled and gratified workforce, curbing the endless cycle of turnover.

How Keith Wasserstrom Unlocks Entrepreneurial Freedom
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For those wondering, “Could this be the solution I’m seeking?” Keith is merely a click away on LinkedIn or message him at Alongside his experience, you’ll find endorsements peppered with words like “breakthrough” and “revolutionary”. These serve not only as testimonials but as beacons of hope for overburdened entrepreneurs.

When we get down to brass tacks, what Keith offers isn’t just a series of business tactics—it’s a reclamation of joy, the spark that ignited the business in the first place. It’s about creating an ecosystem where innovation thrives, and success is not just measured in profit, but in life satisfaction—a balance perpetuated by the notion that “The Most Meaningful Way to Succeed Is to Help Others Succeed.” (Adam Grant)

The message is clear: the shackles of your business are breakable. With the guidance of Keith Wasserstrom, you are not fated to be a prisoner to your own creation. Instead, you can pivot back to the helm, steering with the same fervor that set your entrepreneurial sails into the wind. The first step? Reach out to Keith and let the liberation begin.


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