How John White Became of Social Marketing Solutions Became an Influencer

John White
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John White’s journey from a corporate salesman to a successful entrepreneur is an inspiring tale of determination and hard work. Despite starting with zero social media presence, John White managed to build his brand from scratch, leveraging the power of social media to become a digital marketing leader in just six years.

John White boasts a social media following of over 280,000 on Twitter and has published hundreds of articles in top-tier publications such as Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, and MSN Money. His success is a testament to the fact that one does not need to be a household name or a celebrity to become recognized within their industry.

John White’s story teaches us that anyone can start small and work their way up to becoming an industry leader. Standing out and being different can set one apart from their peers, especially in industries that are not entirely online. After being fired from his corporate job, John White pivoted into entrepreneurship while finishing his MBA, proving that pursuing your dreams is never too late.

During an interview, John White shared two tips for success that he believes can inspire others to become well-known thought leaders or influencers in their space.

Creating content is often seen as daunting, with many people overcomplicating the process. They strive for perfection, leading to long, tedious content creation processes that delay publishing.

While professional content is essential, frequent posting can help one pick up on little nuances that work. Even raw and unedited content can perform well, surprising the creator. For John White, consistent content creation involved writing articles for publications and his blog. He has become a top writer for several publications, with millions worldwide reading his work. John White’s company, Social Marketing Solutions, has become a top-rated content marketing and PR agency, working with notable clients and continuing to grow.

John White’s second tip for success is to gain press coverage in several outlets, which has allowed him to grow quickly and become a top public figure in the business world. He has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and other top-tier media publications, which has helped him gain a reputation online and attract clients.

Third-party recognition can be a significant boost for any business, as it’s someone else showcasing and praising one’s work or telling their story. John White has leveraged this approach, allowing his podcast interviews and articles written about him or his clients to do the talking. He has not spent significant money on ads for his business, as his focus has been on producing excellent work and letting his clients speak for him. This approach has helped him become well-known in the business space.

Instead of staying in his comfort zone, John used the experience as an opportunity to start his own company and become a force in the business world. 

John realizes he may have never leaped to become an entrepreneur if he hadn’t been fired. Today, John inspires us with his journey and shows the power of perseverance and taking risks to pursue our dreams.

When observing social media, one can see that celebrities, mega-stars, and influencers with millions of followers dominate the platform, giving the impression that fame is necessary for recognition in media and respective industries. The truth is that social media has the potential to transform an individual into a brand over time, allowing anyone to gain recognition.

Individuals seeking PR or third-party recognition may wonder about the best strategies for achieving this goal. One of the most effective recommendations is to follow the tips of experts like John White and begin creating content while networking online. Social media platforms are ideal for networking because they allow users to connect with new people, partners, and potential clients around the clock.

The beauty of social media lies in its ability to facilitate constant networking and engagement, allowing individuals to build their brand and expand their network through various available tools. By investing time and effort into these platforms, users can potentially achieve the kind of success that John White has experienced. It is essential to remember that hard work and dedication are necessary to achieve success in this area.


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