How Hybrid Mattresses Help With Back Pain

A lot of people have a hard time falling asleep at night. If you’re one of them, you might have tried using a mattress to help with your sleep issues. A hybrid mattress can help relieve lower back pain, which is very common among older adults who experience sleeping problems. The key is finding a bed that provides the right balance between comfort and support for your preferred sleep position (side, stomach or back). Hybrid mattresses combine elements from spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses so they can offer both comfort and support.

They reduce pressure points

The acupuncturists at Live Well Naturally say hybrid mattresses are designed to reduce pressure points, which are a common cause of back pain. They do this by distributing weight evenly across the mattress and supporting your body’s natural curves. This allows you to sleep in comfort without feeling like you’re being squeezed in on one side or another.

These mattresses also tend to be good for side sleepers because they have little give when you lie on them and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you’re used to sleeping on a soft mattress and then switching over to something firmer, it can actually make it harder for your body to adjust when switching between these two types of beds (and vice versa). 

However, if you want something that won’t sink under pressure but still provides some cushioning underneath as well as support from all sides, that’s where hybrids come in handy. 

They support the natural curves of your spine

Hybrid mattresses are designed to support the natural curves of your spine. This means that they have a balanced firmness and softness, so they’re neither too soft nor too hard. It also helps with back pain sufferers because it relieves pressure points on your body as you sleep, which helps reduce pain in the morning.

You can test them for yourself by lying down on one at an authorized retailer and feeling how it feels under your body weight. Just like many mattress providers out there, Newentor’s bed in a box collection offers you a wide range of mattresses along with the hybrid mattress with 90 days trial. Make sure that you lie down in different positions (lie on your back with legs crossed over each other) so that you get an idea of how supportive they are overall. 

They are good for side sleeping

Side sleepers need a mattress that doesn’t sag and won’t put pressure on the body. The best hybrid mattresses for side sleepers are those that are soft enough to conform to the body, but firm enough to provide support.

A hybrid mattress is ideal for this because it can be as firm or soft as you want it depending on how you position yourself on the bed and how much pressure you apply while sleeping.

They have edge support

You don’t want to fall off the bed, and neither do we. Hybrid mattresses have edge support that keeps you from rolling off in the middle of the night or when you roll over in your sleep. This can be especially important for side sleepers, who need extra support at their hips and shoulders as they move through their sleep cycle. If you’re a reader who likes to spend time reading in bed before going to sleep, hybrid mattress edges provide extra security so that your book doesn’t slide off onto the floor.

Supports your heaviest area (usually lower back)

Hybrid mattresses are designed to support the heaviest area of your body, your lower back. If you’re sleeping on a mattress that’s too soft, it will sink in and cause your spine to curve forward. This can put pressure on the discs between each vertebra in your lower back, causing pain and inflammation over time. By contrast, if you sleep on a mattress that’s too firm or hard, it will cause numbness and tingling because there isn’t enough cushioning under your body weight (another reason why hybrid mattresses are so great).

The ideal hybrid mattress offers just enough support for comfort while still being firm enough to take pressure off sensitive areas like those found around the neck or shoulders.

Keeps your hips from sinking too much into the bed

Hybrid mattresses have a balanced firmness that makes them good for side sleeping, but not as good for back or stomach sleeping. The hybrid mattress is firmer than a memory foam mattress but softer than an innerspring mattress. This makes it easier to move around on the bed without sinking too much into your partner’s side of the bed. Hybrid mattresses provide support for your spine and hips by keeping them aligned with one another. If you sleep on your side all night long, this is ideal since it provides enough pressure relief from pain points in those areas while still offering enough support so that they don’t collapse under their own weight (which could cause more pain).

Combine the benefits of memory foam and innerspring mattresses

This combination makes hybrid mattresses comfortable, supportive and ideal for people who have back pain. On the other hand, an innerspring mattress provides firmness through its coils or spiral springs underneath its top layer which gives you great support when sitting up straight or lying down flat on your back with no curve in between.

Find a bed that fits your preferred sleep position to find a balance between comfort and support

If you have back pain, finding a bed that fits your preferred sleep position can help with alleviating it. While some people prefer to sleep on their side, others prefer to sleep on their stomachs or back. A mattress should be comfortable and supportive enough for whatever position you choose while still giving adequate support for each part of the body where pressure is applied, including the hips and shoulders (for side-sleepers), lower spine (for stomach-sleepers), upper spine (for back-sleepers).

If you’re considering buying a new hybrid mattress but aren’t sure which one works best for you yet, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Size Matters. Make sure there’s enough room between the edge of your bed frame/frame rails and where they meet up with any headboard/footboard attachments so that no one gets stuck when getting out of bed at night.
  • Weight Matters. If two people are sharing this kind of hybrid mattress together then make sure both parties weigh less than 600 pounds total before making any purchases, otherwise there could be serious consequences involved down line due to overloading issues later on down the road once everyone moves into place permanently together under one roof together living happily ever after under one roof together happily ever after.

Hybrid mattresses are ideal if your primary concern is relieving lower back pain

These mattresses have both memory foam and innerspring layers, which work together to provide you with greater comfort than either type of mattress can offer on its own.

Memory foam is particularly effective at reducing pressure points and supporting your spine, so it’s no surprise that many hybrid mattresses feature memory foam as the top layer, this provides extra support for the head, neck, shoulders and hips (which are common areas of discomfort). Hybrid mattresses also tend to have edge support, this means that there’s less chance of rolling off the side of your bed when you’re sleeping on it.


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