How has the existence of smartphones changed the world?

Smartphone Technology

The digital world is evolving at an enormous speed. Many of us have grown up with the Internet as a novelty, as an evolution of traditional media. Still, the new generations are born with the network as indissoluble support in their daily lives. And not only for work but also for socializing at all levels. The paradigm has changed radically in barely a decade.

A brief history of smartphones

Smartphones are products launched to the market in 1992, becoming an essential part of the world’s inhabitants, not only to communicate by phone but also to perform other tasks. 

A versatile tool, the popularity of these devices lies in the possibility of connecting to the Internet, allowing us to send work documents, play online or start a video call with our loved ones, among many other things. 

Our main goal with this reading is to show you some of the utilities this tool can offer for our day-to-day life. 

Jobs and utilities 

Large employers and companies use these portable tools to keep in touch with their workers and employees to distribute information quickly and efficiently. It eases the process by which employees can communicate and transfer data anywhere, and at any time. 

At any time, a large amount of information is stored in these devices for our security. Even sports stars like Lionel Messi had vital information on their phone.

We will also be able to make video conferences allowing us to keep in touch with our coworkers and family members, probably one of the most popular practices in recent months. 

The applications or “Apps”

The main reason we acquire a cell phone is to use downloadable applications, popularly known as “Apps.” 

These applications allow a smartphone to cross its boundaries, giving us access to social networks, ordering for delivery, and even playing our favorite online games. 

However, third parties can use these utilities to commit malicious acts such as spying on other phones’ messages, stealing our private information, or offering fraudulent promotions. Certain precautions must be taken into consideration before downloading any applications or files into your device, especially those sourced from dubious websites. 

Before downloading an application, we recommend constantly checking other users’ references to know their opinion regarding such Apps. 

Some may be free with advertising included, while others require to purchase directly from the online store we are consulting. 

Streaming and video games

Mobile Live Streaming

Streaming is an activity in which an individual films himself while playing a video game. This practice has made popular YouTubers like PewDiePie, with millions of followers on social networks.

Streaming is more than a hobby. Some streamers, like the one mentioned above, consider it a job and a way of life. This is because the social networks where they perform such streaming, such as Discord and YouTube, pay them a remuneration depending on the amount of “likes” and followers they have. 

But smartphones have not changed the world just because we can now work on them or because we can watch streaming videos or series. 

On our mobile devices, we can also read news, book flights, or spend time playing online games on safe and easy-to-use platforms like Vegas Slots Online, which offers a lot of promotions and bonuses. Also, on this platform, you can find sections relating to 3D slots (something that before the existence of mobile technology could not be done), high-limit and low-limit games (such as penny slots), as well as real money sites.  

How has our way of working with cell phones changed?

What the Internet has given us in recent years has been a qualitative leap in work and exposing what we do daily, personally and professionally. Throughout this process, different media appeared: we started with the computer and ended with tablets and cell phones. 

We no longer call; we send WhatsApp texts and send audio messages. This makes companies offer better data rates and leave “aside” calls. Something as simple as this has changed how we work and spend our day-to-day in the office and at home. We are constantly connected, and this situation defines the way we act. 

How do we work today?

The cell phone has displaced the laptop as a work tool. Instead, we check our email, attend video conferences without leaving the office, use office automation tools to edit files we share in the cloud, etc.

Before, all these tasks were exclusive to the PC. Now, you don’t even need a plug to perform them in real time and from the palm of your hand.


Today’s technology has made life better for most people, especially those who can now afford to work online via their smartphones. 

Cell phones will continue to modernize as time goes by, improving our quality of life but always being careful not to become too dependent on them.


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