How Eric Pearce Reinvented the Wheel in the Charter Industry with 30A Boat Valet

Entrepreneurship is all about finding solutions, and in the business world, there’s always a better way to do things. For Eric Pearce, it took taking on multiple business ventures, garnering experience and figuring out better ways to take over the business world to float 30A Boat Valet. With the company, he’s trailblazing a new charter model in the industry.

30A Boat Valet is THE premier luxury pontoon charter that operates on a unique charter model never-before-seen in the industry. The company came to life from over two decades of studying the charter industry worldwide and spotting a void that needed to be filled. In his words, he said: “I knew it would be tough because people haven’t seen this charter model before. That’s because I created it. However, I knew it would do well because the market said it would.”

Since it began operations, 30A Boat Valet has grown exponentially, and Eric sees the company becoming an essential part of the Southeast US and other territories in the next five years. 30A Boat Valet has a fleet of luxury pontoons known for their speed and “loud” unique looks. The boats offer immense value to customers, yet, the company’s operation is structured in a way that serves the customers 100% and delivers its services at their convenience. Each boat can take up to 13 people, with most charters taking up to six people and a captain assigned to each charter. The slowest pontoon boat in the fleet also moves at a speed of 43 mph, while the fastest moves at 57 mph.

30A Boat Valet’s success rides on Eric Pearce’s business experience, as the company is a direct manifestation of his vision. Armed with 22 years of business experience, Eric Pearce started his journey in finance, marketing and new accounts. He was building a successful career before he lost it all and delved into e-commerce, dropshipping and marketing. For a while, he worked at a local mall, worked at a local luxury golf cart dealer as their internet sales manager, and was also a private luxury watch dealer. These experiences set the tone for him to pursue his dreams, which he’s currently doing with 30A Boat Valet.

As someone who has always negotiated his way through life, he knew there was no way he would ever settle for less. So, when it was time to take action, Eric Pearce was always ready to take the plunge. 30A Boat Valet’s service is for people who want an authentic luxury charter experience and move around in a yacht in a pontoon body.

“We offer white-glove service applied to pontoon boats and chauffeur our clients in luxury. Our willingness to do what others will not is what sets us apart. That’s why we don’t have competition, literally. We are dominating the market,” Eric said.

The brand is set to be a leader in the boating and yachting industry. Eric Pearce has developed a partnership model for other boat owners to come on board as partners. The vision is to get these partners to sign up with their boats and make some passive income from their boats. This way, other people can take advantage of Eric’s vision, benefit from it and change their lives for the better.

“I set out to build something bigger than myself that could be a legacy for my kids and family. I’m happy I was able to do that, and now we’re on course to help other people, the church and my community,” Eric said.


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