How E-commerce Titan Ramin Popal Used Instagram to Help Build His Brand at a Young Age

Social media platforms have evolved over the years. Initially starting as a medium to connect with friends from different parts of the world, entrepreneurs realized the potential it had to bring in more revenue and used it to their advantage. Ramin Popal, a young entrepreneur who grew up at the same time as technological innovation, decided to take e-commerce even further by utilizing social media.

Hailing from Australia, Ramin Popal was already familiar with online platforms. But even at a young age, he already had the mindset of an e-commerce expert. Ramin would often watch his dad buy and sell products, piquing his interest. By 13, he would spend his time scouring eBay, purchasing products online for meager prices of five to ten dollars and selling them for fifty. “That’s where my eyes opened to the world of e-commerce and how powerful the online space is,” he said.

Having been born around the age of technological advancement, Ramin was more than familiar with how social media platforms worked, and he decided that it was the perfect outlet to conduct business. At 16 years old, he created an Instagram page that amassed over 22,000 followers. Although he had to buy and sell products years earlier, his growing reputation allowed him to have deals come through.

“We ended up getting brand deals,” he explained. “Brands would reach out to us and ask us to promote their products or pages.”

With such a successful career by 20, Ramin Popal decided that he would share his knowledge with others. He started an educational brand called EComm Sharks, a program that teaches others how to start and build a successful online store. Ramin created the program to be accessible for students worldwide. “We teach thousands worldwide on how to crush with e-commerce,” said the young entrepreneur. 

Although many would assume that success stems from education in college, most people are surprised to find that Ramin has only completed high school. Despite this, the young entrepreneur believes that it isn’t necessary to pursue education. “You don’t need high school,” he said. “You don’t need college. I didn’t need anything to get started with this. I just dived into it and learned it all through.” Ramin also shares that he could not go to college due to how preoccupied he became with his business.

Despite the success he’s amassed over the years, Ramin Popal hopes to transform his brand into one of the biggest online stores on the planet. He also plans to build his Instagram pages to go beyond thousands and reach millions of followers, using his platform to invite prospective e-commerce business owners to learn more through Ecomm Sharks. “I want to be one of the biggest educational companies for teaching people how to be successful with e-commerce.”

Already an inspiration to thousands at a young age, the e-commerce expert believes that he will continue inspiring others in the years to come.

Learn more about Ramin Popal and Ecomm Sharks by visiting his official website.


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