How Cassandra Smith Found the Formula to Success With Blanks Galore and Her Impact on Aspiring Entrepreneurs

When entrepreneurs find the formula to success, many often ask what they did to accumulate success. While some provide a few tips, most tend to keep their secrets. So when Cassandra Smith generated success with Blanks Galore, she knew that she had to share her knowledge with others in the sublimation sector.

Initially from McRae, Georgia, Cassandra Smith moved to Atlanta to pursue an entrepreneurial career.. However, it was not an overnight success. Cassandra would be homeless for two years before she found her stride. 

“As I began to crack the code, I knew I wanted to create an easier path for people just like me, who just weren’t looking for a handout but were looking for a helping hand to lead them the right way,” she explained. So Cassandra started going live from a hotel room, teaching people how to sublimate on her blanks and answering questions.

Blanks Galore’s success can be attributed to its many characteristics, providing other creative entrepreneurs with the tools to start their own businesses. Among them are Cassandra’s branded BG Sublimation Paper, Sublimation Blanks, and her hands-on and virtual sublimation classes. 

However, while Cassandra has been helping the next wave of entrepreneurs, she was hesitant at the start of her journey. Like most business owners, she was afraid that her students would eventually utilize her model and become competitors. Instead, Cassandra discovered that collaboration is more important than competition in the long run. The revelation was very beneficial as Blanks Galore started to grow once she started sharing.

As an educator, Cassandra leads by providing value and free gems to have an immediate positive impact. Through these actions, when she decides to charge, her customers know they will be getting their money’s worth. In addition, Cassandra teaches a blueprint that transcends industries and applies to any field, allowing her students to take one area of expertise and create several streams of income.

“I am able to tell and show people how to get where I’m at because I’ve been where they are at or worse,” she said. “I am not saying others are not invested in the best interest of their customers or supporters, but what I am saying is my people support everything I do, and it’s because I give 100% every day, and they can see that.”

Having come from a single-parent household, Cassandra Smith watched as her mother worked hard to provide for her and her seven siblings. Coming from humble beginnings, Cassandra has been through enough hardships to sympathize with others. Because of that, she strives to do everything in her power to ensure that others don’t go through similar trials and tribulations.

“I’ve been blessed to be able to bless people, and that is what I have done so and will continue to do.”

With her company growing, Cassandra Smith is optimistic about Blanks Galore growing into a global franchise. She foresees the brand appearing across the planet, ensuring the people have the help needed to start their sublimation business.Learn more about Cassandra Smith and Blanks Galore by visiting their official website.


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