How Brandon “Uno” Williams Has Revolutionized the Cosmetology Industry Through His Perfect Platinum Pixie Technique

In every industry, creative and innovative individuals always manage to create something revolutionary. The cosmetology industry is blessed to have Brandon “Uno” Williams leading the frontline with his groundbreaking new technique, the Perfect Platinum Pixie. Since its introduction, Uno has not only strengthened his brand but has also attracted the attention of other professionals in the field.

A St. Louis, MO native and current resident of Atlanta, GA, Uno has played a significant role in advancing the industry as a hairstylist, creator, and innovator. Having spent over twenty years in the business, he has managed to pick up a couple of techniques along the way, giving him the experience needed to create the Perfect Platinum Pixie.

A hairstyle designed for women of color (specifically Black women), the Perfect Platinum Pixie technique achieves a bone-straight platinum pixie haircut on textured hair while still maintaining the integrity of the strands. 

This innovation proved to be a massive success, causing heads to turn and getting others to request the same style. Although the look has been a big hit amongst Uno’s clients, he found himself answering the inquiries of other stylists who wanted to know how they could do the same style for their clients.

“Many people come to the salon and want the same thing that everyone else has, the same style that they’ve had for years, or maybe even a new look,” Uno explained. “I am providing a new option for those clients and stylists.”

With the popularity of the Perfect Platinum Pixie technique rising, Uno decided to start holding classes in 2020, mentoring both new and seasoned stylists to recreate the look. In just over a year, he has helped over 250 stylists become certified Perfect Platinum Pixie Specialists. They now provide clients with a unique look in multiple cities, with a couple crowning celebrities with the Perfect Platinum Pixie cut. 

While most people would have kept the secrets to their success from others, the master stylist was willing to share what he knew with others to help them reach the same level of success.

“I don’t view anyone as my competitor,” he said. “I saw an open market for a service that no one seemed to be perfecting. There are many hairstylists that do platinum pixie styles; however, often, the looks are unpolished.  The Perfect Platinum Pixie allows for a same-day service of coloring and straightening with a sleek finish.”

Brandon “Uno” Williams takes pride in being a supportive pillar in business for both new and seasoned stylists who need mentoring in developing and scaling their companies. Although his salon is thriving, the veteran stylist hopes to expand his business, open more streams of income, and eventually become a billionaire as he calls the shots from the comfort of his home.

Learn more about Brandon “Uno” Williams and The Perfect Platinum Pixie by visiting his official website.


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