How Ambulatory Surgery Centers are Safer During COVID

Due to mounting concerns surrounding the spread of Coronavirus in hospital settings, people have put off their needed elective surgeries and medical treatments for far too long. Ambulatory Surgery Centers, like Blossom Bariatrics, can provide a safe alternative to hospitals. These privately run clinics offer specialized medical staff and focus on one specific area of treatment. Despite precautions being taken within hospital settings, the risk of infection is significantly lower at an ambulatory surgery center. 

Ambulatory surgery centers screen patients for Coronavirus 

Currently, the spread of Coronavirus is uppermost in everyone’s minds. It should be noted that vigorous screening allows ambulatory surgery centers to offer lower infection rates than hospitals. These lower rates are possible because ambulatory surgery centers screen patients before they enter. 

Hospitals are taking precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Even so, research shows the disease is able to spread throughout the facilities. According to a study by the National Center for Biotechnology  (NCBI), Covid-19 has been proven to spread from the rooms of infected patients into the hospital’s corridors. In this study, the significant transfer of the airborne virus was directly linked to the hospital’s ventilation system.

Because ambulatory surgery centers screen every patient for Covid-19, our client’s chance of being infected during a visit is extremely low. The advantage of an ambulatory surgery center’s smaller, closed system translates to a drastically reduced risk of infection for our patients.  

Ambulatory surgery centers are in control of each and every step of the patient process. This control enables us to deliver far greater safety than that offered in hospital settings. If one of the clients scheduled for a procedure at our clinic is even slightly unwell, we reschedule their appointment immediately. We’re committed to going the extra mile when it comes to keeping our clients safe. Hospitals are far larger and often find their hands tied in similar situations.

Ambulatory surgery centers offer specialized staff routinely screened for Covid-19

Patients visiting a hospital are cared for by health workers involved with many patients throughout the building. Unfortunately, a large percentage of this dedicated staff is exposed to Covid-19 on a daily basis. 

The employees who work at an ambulatory surgery center work only with one specialized group of patients. Thanks to this insulation from the Coronavirus, it is far easier for clinics such as ours to maintain regular screening patients and employees. Consistent screening prevents virtually all risk of exposure.

At Blossom Bariatrics, clients receive treatment exclusively from our fully-screened private staff. Chauffeurs from our clinic retrieve clients from McCarran airport and drive them to each of their appointments. Our medical assistance and surgeons work solely with our bariatric clients. After surgery, our staff visits patients directly in their hotel rooms to check in, answer any questions, and offer extra care. A private staff enables our ambulatory surgery center to provide higher accountability in screening and greater attention to detail as we provide care.  

Ambulatory surgery centers aren’t forced to prioritize based on Covid-19 demands

Hospitals and clinics around the country are currently at capacity under the strain of those needing treatment and testing for Coronavirus. Adding to the burden on hospitals, many health care workers and their families are succumbing to the virus themselves. Due to the scarcity of resources, hospitals are forced to make difficult choices about who will receive care immediately and who will have to wait. 

Bariatric procedures and other elective surgeries are routinely canceled in hospitals to ensure availability for patients with Covid-19 and other serious conditions. Canceling procedures is not a concern at ambulatory surgery centers like Blossom Bariatrics. We specialize in one thing, which means bariatric procedures will always be our top priority.

Outpatient clinics like Blossom have greater control over the surgeries we schedule. Thanks to this control, procedures at an ambulatory surgery center are rarely rescheduled or delayed. 

Blossom is the largest private bariatric surgery center in the United States. Despite this, we treat all of our clients as though they are the only patient at the clinic. This personalized care begins the minute they land at the airport and meet their chauffeurs. Each client receives VIP attention from our private staff during their entire visit.While hospitals are offering the best care they are able during these uncertain times, scheduling delays and the spread of Coronavirus are legitimate concerns. Fortunately, Blossom Bariatrics and other ambulatory surgery centers offer a safe solution for patients undergoing elective procedures. Small facilities, private staff, and rigorous screening allow these outpatient clinics to go above and beyond as they provide care during the pandemic.


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