How Aaron Rian Helps New Brokers Build Wealth Through Their Career

Aaron Rian is the founder of The Brokerage House Realtors, a powerhouse real estate brokerage based out of Portland, Oregon with additional offices in various states across the continental United States. Over the last 13 years, The Brokerage House under Aaron Rians leadership has grown year over year consecutively and has amassed a list of accolades including Inc 5000 recognition and other various prestigious awards.

What has made the Brokerage House Realtors so successful is their constant commitment to growth and training through proven concepts. Beside their success from the growth of the company, the secret hasn’t been just about company growth, but the employees growth. From the inside out, the company focuses on each individual in the organization’s personal goals, and gives them the resources, leadership and benchmarks that they need to make sure that they hit their goals.

We sat down to ask Aaron Rian more about this and how he has been able to successfully make brokers & other talent in The Brokerage House Realtors successful. Furthermore, not just successful by terms of being rich, but by means of care by helping each employee in the company build real wealth for themselves and their family.

How does the Brokerage House Realtors help Brokers succeed?

That is a great question, The Brokerage House Realtors offers amazing resources and training to our staff to ensure their success in their career with us. We go above and beyond what a traditional brokerage offers their people. Coming from the industry myself and knowing what it takes to succeed, it is important that our management and leadership has the knowledge and advice to help everyone around them succeed and hit their goals and benchmarks in their career with us.

What do you mean by building wealth and not being rich?

Well most of the brokers that we hire end up making a ton of money with us, and in turn once they start making money we want them to build good money habits so that they can become wealthy. I think it is important for any employer to help their employees build wealth so that as they grow in their career; the job becomes more about passion and growth and not just collecting a check.

What can you expect to learn when being hired by the Brokerage House Realtors?

You can expect a high energy competitive environment where everyone around you is pushing to make their dreams come true through their position in the company. We take all of our talent and train them to succeed in their career by offering them resources and training to take their career to the next level. After our management team has established what your goals are as an employee we focus on setting attainable goals and benchmarks in the time frame you desire to make sure that your career with The Brokerage House gets you to where you want to go in your life and your career.

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