How A Chance Meeting With A Physician Helped Create A PR Service For Physicians That Fuels Practice Growth

How A Chance Meeting With A Physician Helped Create A PR Service For Physicians That Fuels Practice Growth
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As a serial entrepreneur, Irfan Jafrey understood the ups and downs of running a business.  So when he started Roosterly in 2015, he felt he was equipped with the knowledge to navigate growth and scale.

“Roosterly’s business was low cost, done-for-you social media content management for small businesses.  With 2,500 clients, it’s really our bread and butter. There’s a two-week free trial because we don’t want a client that doesn’t want to be a client.  It reduces client risk and allows us to get to know them.  Many small businesses pay too much for social media management and don’t need all the bells and whistles that increase costs with no results.  I wanted to create a service that solved the chore of posting and coming up with quality content.”

With Roosterly’s clients raving about the service and recommending it to colleagues, Jafrey implemented an affiliate program to reward loyal customers.  The client experience was so positive that soon, clients began requesting other, more traditional marketing services.

One client in particular, a cosmetic surgeon, had hired a PR firm and complained about the large fees, lack of transparency, communication, and, ultimately, lack of results.

That got Jafrey thinking. The same month, he’d attended a conference for founders in the MarTech space.  “It was serendipitous really, I had just attended a conference in the Bay Area where tech founders were complaining about the cross-section of tech and content and how there was so much inefficiency in PR.  They looked to me for answers, and I was completely baffled.  I figured it was a good time to crack down and start researching.”

Fast forward to 2020, Roosterly had begun a beta offering PR services via word of mouth.  The objective was to get clients ink in major publications and television by leveraging a network of reporters and journalists Jafrey had met while writing for Forbes as part of their Tech Council.  

Historically, PR has been run inefficiently, Jafrey asserts, and his objective is to do for PR what he’s done for social media management.  “Many professionals do not get the recognition they deserve because getting press has been seen as some sort of abstract art form.  That doesn’t need to be the case; our clients can assert that the process is not only quite easy but has a business impact also.  My focus is reducing complexity, creating efficiencies, and delighting our clients through building their reputation via repetition [in the press].”

Business seems to be growing according to Muhummad Mallick, Sr. Program Manager, Client Public Relations at Roosterly; he states, “I come from a healthcare marketing background, having worked closely with physicians in many specialties I was frustrated myself when it came to working with marketing and PR vendors for physicians.  There’s a lot of unnecessary or artificial complexity and expense.  I wanted to change that, and I have the opportunity to do that at Roosterly.  Physicians are busy, and they want results and clear communication.  Hence, our focus is showing them the same dedication as they show to their patients. ”

This is true; one physician we spoke to, Dr. Fan Xi, who now serves on Roosterly’s Board of Advisors, stated, “Irfan’s team is easy to work with and has the sophistication of understanding the nuances of a physician’s practice.  Many physicians looking to grow their practice really need that combined with a partner in their corner who can explain the pros and cons of different marketing tactics objectively.  Plus, the pricing is so reasonable, it’s a really no-brainer.”   We agree.


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