Having it All in Turbulent Times: Improve Profits Without Layoffs, Innovate Faster and Improve Work/Life Balance – Insight from Keryn Gold, PhD

Having it All in Turbulent Times: Improve Profits Without Layoffs, Innovate Faster & Improve Work/Life Balance - Insight from Keryn Gold, PhD
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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, CEOs face unprecedented challenges and disruption. To successfully navigate these turbulent times, many leaders are turning to Keryn Gold, PhD, CEO and Managing Partner of OTBi Solutions for her unique blend of strategic expertise, unconventional thinking, and a proven track record driving transformational results and delivering multiple-fold ROI within weeks to her clients. Across industries, from start-ups through Fortune 50 and FAANG companies, Keryn’s business ecosystem has become a go-to resource for CEOs seeking innovative solutions to thrive amidst uncertainty.

Delivering Multiple-Fold ROI Within Weeks

An award-winning entrepreneurial leader, executive advisor, business strategist, data science leader, and change-maker, Keryn has a unique and effective approach with a proven history over the past 20 years of consistently delivering 50x ROI to her clients. Her experience includes being CEO and COO of start-ups and consulting firms, working in venture capital and private equity, and establishing and leading data science and strategy divisions and centers of excellence at multiple Fortune 50 and FAANG companies. Clients consider Keryn a “resourceful, perceptive, trusted advisor” who “proactively delivers transformational value with relentless compassion – phenomenally fast.” Her commitment to delivering measurable results and multiple-fold ROI within weeks, uncovering hidden profits without negative impact to people, product, or service quality, while accelerating innovation and unleashing the potential of employees, and improving schedule flexibility for all make her a trusted and highly-sought-after partner for organizations across industries and stages of growth.

Success-Based Business Model – No Savings, No Fees

Central to Keryn’s business is her distinctive success-based model. This ensures aligned incentives – if OTBi Solutions doesn’t produce savings, they don’t get paid. They can usually uncover at least 2.5% of topline revenue worth of non-labor-related cost savings within weeks, even for companies who feel they’ve already optimized their costs. Her track record of value-creation is evident in that most of Keryn’s business comes from repeat clients and their referrals. Examples of transformational value delivered to clients range from accelerating a start-up CEO’s 5-year vision, manifesting it within just 1 year and 100x-ing their customer acquisition, to enabling $10-$100M cost-savings at multiple Fortune 500 companies across industries inside of 6 months, while empowering their employees to spend more quality time with their loved ones.

Unlocking Passive Income Streams for Amplified Collective Positive Impact

Consistent with her drive to create win-wins and ensure aligned incentives, when others refer to her business, Keryn shares her net project profit 50/50 with them, in gratitude for their trust and providing her with expanded opportunities to empower others and make a difference, amplifying their collective positive impact.

Comprehensive, Effective, Data-Driven Solutions Empower Leaders to Have It All

Keryn offers a comprehensive suite of services to empower clients. From strategic planning and cost reduction to data science and analytics consulting, leadership development and coaching, recruiting and talent assessments, to process optimization, Keryn provides CEOs with a one-stop shop to address business problems holistically. She streamlines operations, enhances decision-making through data-driven insights, and empowers businesses to foster a culture of autonomy and continuous improvement, giving leaders and individual contributors alike back time in their already busy days.

Keryn addresses the interrelated challenges that businesses face holistically to enable clients to stay ahead of the curve while improving the amount of quality time they get to spend with loved ones. Her approach involves not just mitigating the challenges brought on by change, but capitalizing on the opportunities it enables.

Her businesses leverage data science and exploratory data analysis to reveal low-hanging fruit for both rapid near-term impact and long-term value-generation. They also design and implement lightweight solutions to streamline workflows, meetings, and processes, freeing up clients’ time and empowering their employees to innovate and collaborate more effectively and achieve improved work/life balance. This enables Keryn to deliver significant value within weeks, with a proven history delivering multiple-fold first-year ROI within 3 months along with sustained long-term value.

Award-Winning Consulting Leader, Executive Strategist, Advisor & SME

Those who work with Keryn benefit from her strategic acumen, gain access to proven, innovative, data-driven solutions to their challenges, and thrive in the face of change. Her unique approach and consistent history of delivering transformational value make Keryn a highly sought-after partner, and have earned her accolades including “10 Most Inspiring Business Women” by CXO Outlook, a “Top Innovator & Entrepreneur” by multiple organizations, recognition as a “Top 10 Inspiring Innovator Pushing the Boundaries in Their Industries” by LA Weekly, and a “Changemaker of Distinction” by Ashoka. Her articles and business transformation strategies have also been featured in several top Leadership Excellence publications.

Forthcoming Book Empowers Leaders to Achieve What Appeared Out of Reach

Throughout her career, Keryn has witnessed leaders and organizations striving to deliver results and successfully innovate while grappling with the challenges of employee engagement and work/life balance. In her forthcoming book, The Leadership Playbook, Revisited, Keryn shares what amounts to the synthesized culmination of over 100,000 hours of her research, testing, and refinement of her strategies and learnings, and provides specific, actionable, implementable tools, systems, and processes that she’s successfully implemented to drive transformational value at start-ups through Fortune 50 and FAANG companies, across industries.

The strategies outlined in this book are designed to distill Keryn’s experience into 1-page actionable “plays” (with a companion website) to help more people, at scale, to achieve results similar to her clients. In the book, she demonstrates how organizations can accelerate growth and multi-year plan achievement at reduced costs without burnout or negative impact to quality – and actually improve work/life balance – without having to clone anyone.

Everything about Keryn’s businesses, her philosophy, and how she operates align with her drive to create win-wins and empower others, and she sees the book as an opportunity to make an even greater impact, at scale. For Keryn, it’s all about the joy of empowering people to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and achieve what they once believed impossible.


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