Gerri Domenikos and Airlogix Dominate the Energy Sector by Promoting Environmentally Friendly Methods

As the CEO of Airlogix, Gerri Domenikos is leading the charge toward a greener energy sector. The company was founded by her father in 1984, with Gerri joining the company as Project Manager in 2009 after spending a decade working in NYC for Fortune 500 companies. Once her father resigned from his post in 2015, Gerri took over as the CEO and had been running the company in his stead. Equipped with a vision for a more sustainable energy sector, she has successfully revitalized the brand and brought it up to speed to futuristic industry standards.

The energy sector is one of the largest industrial sectors that practically power the entire world. This massive enterprise might be responsible for keeping the world running, but at what cost? There is a clear lack of greener initiatives in the space, causing more environmental harm than good. Although most of the industry players have been touting a more sustainable approach, it is often left as an afterthought. Fortunately, Airlogix is always ahead of the curve, introducing environmentally-friendly methods to the energy sector and driving home its goals of a more sustainable global industry.

Airlogix does not focus on what is “modern” and “cutting-edge” today. Instead, the company has taken a more future-driven approach with a rigorous infrastructure that puts an emphasis on futuristic technology, making Airlogix always one step ahead. Through Gerri’s firebrand leadership, the company has cemented itself as the go-to HVAC, refrigeration, and energy management systems provider for commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.

Most of the company’s clients are located in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, where Airlogix brings much-needed value through exceptional customer service. The company’s locus of influence stretches from just about every corner of New York and New Jersey. From the Empire State Skyscraper to the Jacob Javits Center, Airlogix has worked in just about every major building in New York City.

Furthermore, every major chain store, grocery store, restaurant, government facility, and publicly or privately owned institution in the Tri-State area can attest to the company’s expertise in repair, maintenance, and construction, whether retrofit or ground-up.

Since becoming the company’s CEO, Gerri Domenikos has cultivated a spotless track record for Airlogix within the commercial construction sector by being the most responsive, easiest to work with, and knowledgeable player in the market.

Apart from its well-crafted services, client-centric approach to business, and high response rate, Airlogix is also known for being one of the few companies that have actually taken meaningful steps toward sustainability. In 2015, Airlogix began a company-wide push to eliminate paper waste by equipping its field technicians with electronic tablets.

Gerri Domenikos was inspired to take the company in a new direction and increase its growth and influence. Within an industry known for its pollution and carbon emissions, Airlogix is striving towards Net Zero Emissions, consuming only as much energy as produced. Furthermore, in order to bolster its own green initiatives, Airlogix has vouched to employ green practices as much as possible, utilizing only the most eco-friendly chemicals, lubricants, additives, and refrigerants available.

Realizing how crucial it was to adopt more environmentally-friendly practices, Domenikos stressed the need to anticipate changes and prepare for the future.

“Our goal for 2023 is to not only emerge as a leader in this way in our markets – but also to educate and serve our communities to create a better future for us all,” Domenikos added.

Domenikos is a proven leader with a passion for her work. She has successfully grown Airlogix into a top HVAC, refrigeration, and energy management services provider. Thanks to her dedication, Airlogix is able to continue its tradition of providing high-quality services to its clients while also being environmentally friendly.



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