Josh Henry & Harry Meighan: From Grade School To Agency Owners

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The founders of Aventia Marketing are two young, up-and-coming, driven entrepreneurs looking to make a name for themselves in the digital marketing world. 18-year-olds Harry Meighan and Josh Henry are on a mission to help local businesses grow through the power of social media advertising. Josh and Harry have been friends since grade school where they had always enjoyed learning about business. In high school, Harry wanted to become a software engineer and had a real passion for technology, and he still does. Josh loved talking to people and the art of sales, and right after school, he quickly found a sales position to start mastering the craft.

Eventually, the two started to dabble in multiple industries before landing on wanting to start an agency, which helped develop their skills even further. For example, starting a Shopify store was able to help teach Josh and Harry how to market to their potential customers and find a target market fit. These skills would transcend into their agency careers and become useful in marketing to find new clients and in lead generation for their clients so that they could help local businesses generate new leads and more revenue.

In 2022, the two friends, Josh and Harry, decided to found Aventia Marketing with Josh leading the acquisition systems and sales, and Harry focused on getting stellar results for their clients. They started in the solar niche as they knew they could produce results and pick up clients with such a flourishing industry. Aventia Marketing put together a completely done-for-you system that is responsible for generating leads and turning those leads into appointments for their clients. Being able to do this for their clients allows the solar reps that work with them to focus more on what they do best, which is selling solar panels to help individuals save on electricity and use clean energy.

First, Aventia will deploy ad campaigns for their clients on social media platforms to generate leads.. Those leads generated from the ad campaigns will then go into a CRM, which Aventia will organize and store so that they are ready for email and SMS follow-up campaigns. Once the leads come in, they get put on drip campaigns so that they are automatically getting followed up with on behalf of the Aventia client. Once the lead shows interest, they will be automatically sent an application where their answers will be sent over to the solar rep, as a qualified lead. This all happens in the background while the reps are in the field selling to their list of qualified leads sent to them by Aventia. Aventia Marketing takes pride in their entirely hands-off system. They make the copy, make the creatives, run the ads and take approval on all their clients advertisements before launch. This ensures that clients have full confidence in what is being put forward in their business’s name.

In 2023, Aventia is excited to explore new industries with this exact same system. With their expertise in lead generation for local businesses, this system could be implemented for any service-based business looking to grow through social media advertising. This year, Harry and Josh look to bring on four new team members and expand their client base by another 15 to 20 local businesses. They plan to surpass this goal but are striving to keep client results top priority. Aventia will be an agency to look out for in the coming months as they continue to help local businesses grow and succeed.


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