Gaukhar Urazgaliyeva: My Main Mission is to Nurture and Educate Children with Love, Care, and Respect

Gaukhar Urazgaliyeva: My Main Mission is to Nurture and Educate Children with Love, Care, and Respect
Photo Courtesy: Gaukhar Urazgaliyeva

By: Susan Perk

The educational business is challenging, but it brings a lot of joy. As cliché as it may sound, children are our future, and their upbringing is our mission. This is the belief of Gaukhar Urazgaliyeva, a mother of three, impact entrepreneur, founder, and head of the American Development Center for Children “Allem” in Astana, Kazakhstan. She has a specialized school for gifted children called the “Nurgisa Tlendiyev Small Academy of Arts” and a degree in economics and business from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University behind her. Her creative and economic education helped her build an impactful business and create a unique accessible space for the comprehensive development and education of the younger generation.

Gaukhar, creating a development center of this level without being initially knowledgeable in this field is not something everyone can achieve. How did you manage to do this?

There is a good Chinese proverb that says, “the best teacher is education that comes from the heart.” I understood that if I were to create an educational center for early childhood development, it must be special and unlike other educational institutions. My love for the English language, American culture, and everything related to America helped me determine the teaching concept. So, I based it on the American education system, adding two important components to the methodology – creativity and reading books. I believe that every child should develop in a well-rounded way. This doesn’t mean that if children study English, art, music, dance, and sports intensively at “Allem,” we necessarily want to turn them into brilliant linguists, artists, outstanding musicians, dancers, or athletes. But such an approach allows us to develop the limitless potential and talents inherent in children by nature. Therefore, the teaching methodology I implemented in the center, which I continually refine, bears fruit. The doors of the most prestigious schools in Kazakhstan and international institutions are always open to our students. For me, this is the best assessment of the “Allem” center’s work.

There is considerable competition in the educational services market today, including in the preschool education niche. Surely, there are those who are closely following you. What are your thoughts on this?

Personally, I view competition positively. It stimulates constant development, improvement, and the pursuit of higher quality. “Allem” operates based on my refined American teaching methodology, so I don’t have many serious competitors. Honestly, I wouldn’t like to talk about competition when it comes to the upbringing and education of our younger generation. On the contrary, I try to maximize the use of my patented author’s methodology in educational institutions in Kazakhstan and beyond. For this purpose, I launched my franchise throughout the CIS and my own online mentoring program for creative entrepreneurs on the Instagram platform.

In December 2022, you received a letter of appreciation from Amber Aura, the Cultural and Educational Attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Astana. What did you do to deserve such an honor?

I was awarded a certificate for outstanding volunteer service and for helping organize the “MeetUp of English Teachers,” which took place from October 15 to December 24, 2022, at the American Corner and Makerspace Astana. As a successful entrepreneur in the field of education, I shared my experiences and knowledge with participants from across the country who were interested in opening their own educational English centers similar to mine. I take pride in my efforts and am grateful to the U.S. Embassy in Astana for the opportunity to showcase my skills and achievements.

My active work on implementing my proprietary methodology based on American education in Kazakhstan played a significant role, along with promoting the English language and American culture as a whole. I contribute to strengthening relationships and cultural exchanges between embassies of various countries, particularly Indonesia, Malaysia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The “Allem” Center consistently organizes joint events with children from different embassies, fostering cultural exchange and traditions.

Gaukhar, typically, the names of developmental centers for children are associated with child-related themes or reflect some characteristic of the center. You named your center “Allem.” Why?

The history and meaning of the word “Allem” carry profound significance in naming my child educational center. It symbolizes my intention to provide quality education to all preschoolers, including children with mental and physical developmental differences. I aim to help every child unlock their potential and achieve success in life, regardless of their parents’ socio-economic status. My unique proprietary methodology forms the foundation for such an entrepreneurial approach.

“Allem” means “universal” and “international,” reflecting my aspiration for a global scale and international recognition. I am working towards making my center attractive to children from around the world, providing them with the opportunity to learn and grow together in love, care, and respect. This is my primary mission, and I sincerely believe that social entrepreneurship is the only correct path to transforming preschool education and creating equal opportunities for all children.


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