Galaxy 360: A Woman’s Playground Thrills Cannes 2024

Galaxy 360 A Woman's Playground Thrills Cannes 2024
Photo Courtesy: Anna Fishbeyn / Galaxy 360 Movie

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In the ever-evolving landscape of cinema, a new trend is making waves, transforming the way audiences engage with film. Dubbed “experiential cinema,” this movement transcends traditional viewing experiences, inviting audiences to step into the very fabric of the narrative, thus blurring the lines between observer and participant. At the forefront of this innovative wave is “Galaxy 360: A Woman’s Playground,” a sci-fi comedy set in the year 2195 where societal norms have flipped—women rule the world, and men aspire to marital bliss.

Galaxy 360 A Woman's Playground Thrills Cannes 2024
Photo Courtesy: Anna Fishbeyn / Jules Hamilton

The brainchild is Anna Fishbeyn, CEO of Anteriya Films and founder of Movement 360. “Galaxy 360” has already captivated audiences in Toronto and New York with its unique approach to storytelling. By incorporating sold-out screenings paired with thematic Glittery Disco Futuristic AfterParties, Fishbeyn’s creation offers more than just entertainment; it provides a participatory experience that challenges conventional gender roles through humor and satire. In Toronto during TIFF, Fishbeyn met a woman who managed a costume store who remarked, “I’m not sure what’s going on, but all these women are coming in looking for ‘Futuristic Sparkly Outfits.'” Fishbeyn exclaimed, “That’s my movie! That’s my event – that’s ‘Galaxy 360!’” The fact that women were specifically shopping for outfits to attend the Galaxy 360 screening in Toronto underscores the film’s growing cultural impact.

Fishbeyn’s vision for experiential cinema draws inspiration from female-driven blockbusters like “Sex in the City ” and “Barbie,” which saw fans dressing up as their favorite characters for screenings. However, “Galaxy 360” takes this concept further by not just encouraging costume play but fully immersing the audience in a gender-flipped future. This approach fosters empathy between men and women by allowing them to experience life from each other’s traditional societal roles. While previous events in New York City and Toronto featured wild costume afterparties with attendees donning sparkling evening gowns, the upcoming Cannes event promises to be the most immersive yet. Male models will greet audience members, and Fishbeyn herself will perform live as Illumina, a larger-than-life media personality who whips men into shape for a pageant. 

“We live in a selfie star-turning culture—why not help audiences to play roles in our films? Let them imagine themselves in your creations—by creating events that take them into your world, into your imagination?” asks Fishbeyn. This philosophy underpins the unique allure of “Galaxy 360” events, offering attendees an opportunity to live out alternate realities while fostering understanding and empathy between genders. The success of these immersive events has not only proven potent for audience engagement but also signals a promising avenue for distribution. Following an explosive increase in social media engagement surrounding a NYC Valentine’s Day Watch Party—the film’s Instagram reach skyrocketed from 144 accounts to over two million within a week—interest from distributors has been piqued. The compelling nature of “Galaxy 360” lies not only in its humorous take on future gender dynamics but also in its broad appeal despite being an indie project. As anticipation builds for its Cannes screening and afterparty event, “Galaxy 360” is poised to become a cultural phenomenon akin to “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” albeit with a feminist twist. Fishbeyn’s innovative efforts have garnered significant attention, underscoring the potential of experiential cinema as a transformative force within both the film industry and society at large. 

With engagements across Facebook, (Anna Fishbeyn Official, Galaxy 360 Movie), Instagram (Anna Fishbeyn Instagram), Tiktok (Anna Fishbeyn Tiktok) and dedicated websites (,,, Fishbeyn continues to build momentum for her project. These platforms serve not only as hubs for updates and clips from the film but also as spaces for fans to share their experiences and insights gleaned from participating in these groundbreaking events. 

Experiential cinema represents more than just an evolution of filmic storytelling; it heralds a new era wherein movies serve as catalysts for social change by challenging viewers to reconsider preconceived notions about gender roles through direct engagement. In doing so, projects like “Galaxy 360: A Woman’s Playground” offer glimpses into alternate realities where empathy reigns supreme— empowering individuals to transcend traditional boundaries through laughter, participation, and collective imagination.

As this innovative genre continues to unfold, one thing remains clear: experiential cinema possesses unparalleled power to entertain while simultaneously enlightening audiences about critical societal issues—a testament to Anna Fishbeyn’s visionary blend of artistry and activism.

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