From startup to acclaimed entrepreneur: CEO Yurii Dobrianskyi nominated as “Top 100 USA Entrepreneur with Ukrainian Origins”

From startup to acclaimed entrepreneur: CEO Yurii Dobrianskyi nominated as "Top 100 USA Entrepreneur with Ukrainian Origins"
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A revolutionary platform facilitating the finding and recruitment of skilled developers is rapidly gaining traction within the American IT market. The founder of the platform was nominated for “TOP-100 US entrepreneurs of Ukrainian origin”. Get inspired by the success story and learn about the platform’s great mission below.

Recently, on July 22, in New York, an event and the presentation of the prestigious TOP USA Awards took place. This event was attended by “TOP-100 US entrepreneurs of Ukrainian origin“, who develop their innovative ideas, projects and startups in the US market. One of these entrepreneurs was Yurii Dobrianskyi, who is the founder of a revolutionary platform for finding and hiring software developers.

In addition to highlighting the significant contribution of entrepreneurs of Ukrainian origin to the growth of US business, one of the goals of the event was to raise funds at a charity auction, from which fifty percent of ticket sales and 100% of the proceeds were sent to the Cash For Refugees fund. This is a great opportunity to support families from Ukraine who have been affected by a full-scale Russian invasion and provide the assistance they need.

At this bright and necessary event for business, professionals in many industries were presented, who could acquire the necessary contacts, exchange ideas for doing business, and also make themselves known. Also, all the TOP 100 entrepreneurs were presented in a unique book about incredible stories of success, dedication and creative thinking.

So, here is a little biography of the nominee Yurii Dobrianskyi. Originally from Ukraine, he holds a Computer Science degree, took part on the Advisory Board of several startups, and is a co-founder of Innovation Feel LLC. During serving customers in the field of IT software development business, Yurii realized most of the problems and concerns in this area. And after the Covid-19 pandemic, it was decided to launch the project – a private network of vetted top-level software developers from Europe.

“We understand the challenges that businesses face when it comes to hiring software developers,” said Yurii. “We hope to bridge the gap between organizations and top remote developers by providing a solid platform that ensures efficiency and quality. The site is dedicated to making identifying and recruiting software developers as simple and productive as possible.”  

Finding and hiring qualified engineers has always been a difficult task for companies all around the world. The demand for competent computer experts is increasing, and traditional recruitment approaches frequently fall short of discovering the proper match for the job in the American IT sector. is a platform created specifically for matching startups and enterprise companies with top-level vetted independent developers from Europe. By using rigorous screening techniques, this marketplace ensures that only the most experienced software engineers are available for hire and makes it more straightforward to find skilled ones. sets itself apart and stands out from traditional recruitment methods (ranging from outsourcing to freelancing platforms) as a revolutionary platform ready to change the way we hire remote engineers.

 What makes Devler truly exceptional is its focus on precision and compatibility. Instead of bombarding you with countless resumes or bids, the platform employs a sophisticated matching algorithm. By delving deep into your specific requirements, curates a selection of remote developers who not only possess the necessary technical skills but also align with your company’s culture and values. 

The tough vetting process is the next key aspect of Devler. Each developer on the platform is subjected to a thorough screening procedure that follows the next steps with their technical knowledge, problem-solving talents, and communication skills. Because of this strict selection process, only the most skilled programmers with a demonstrated track record of accomplishment are eligible for hiring. 

In addition, Devler recognizes that recruiting is only the beginning. To ensure long-term success, the platform provides continuing customer support, keeping you in personal touch with your selected remote developer at all times. 

Therefore, Yurii’s great contributions to revolutionizing the hiring landscape through the platform have garnered well-deserved recognition in the TOP USA Awards. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, Yurii continues to shape the future of talent acquisition with unparalleled dedication.

Say goodbye to traditional hiring methods and hello to the future with – your matching developer awaits here.

About is an online service that matches businesses with skilled European software engineers. Its stringent vetting process ensures that only top-tier specialists are accessible for recruitment. The platform enables companies to tap into a European talent pool of remote developers by providing a smooth hiring experience.  


Founder Yurii Dobrianskyi:  

“ – The platform for matching great products and top-level vetted developers from Europe.”


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