From Event Host to Entrepreneur, Yanira Pedraza Continues to Thrive in the Business World

Rising entrepreneur Yanira Pedraza went through great lengths to begin her entrepreneurial journey and become the promising business woman that she is today. She is the owner of Lash Me by Yanira, provider of the highest quality Mink eyelashes in the beauty and makeup industries. Just like most entrepreneurs, her journey to success came with obstacles to overcome. Yet she managed to balance her time between being an event host and being a rising entrepreneur. 

Quality control and excellence are two very important attributes of Yanira’s business. Right from the very beginning, she made sure that her clients only get to enjoy the best lashes. Lash Me by Yanira only uses 100% mink fur that is 100% handmade. With the proper care, her lashes can be worn up to 25 times. Her magnetic lashes, on the other hand, can last up to 50 uses. The quality of her lashes has a natural look and feel to them, something that cannot be achieved with synthetic materials. The lashes she provides are light, fluffy, and soft.

Another feature of her products that Yanira is very proud of is their affordability. There is a unique set of lashes for every woman out there, and they don’t have to spend so much to have stunning eyes. 

Prior to launching her own company, Yanira was an event host who also did Reggaeton, hip-hop, EDM, and trap. She has had the privilege of working alongside the biggest names in the music industry, including Chris Brown, Cassie Veggies, Eric Bellinger, YG, Blueface, and Problem a.k.a. Problem354, among others. Apart from being an event host, Yanira also models Shein and other clothing lines. 

Early on, Yanira has always desired to establish her own business. She initially thought of opening her own salon, creating her own brand of hair products, and introducing her own makeup line. Clearly, she wanted her business to be all about beauty. She eventually went to beauty school and finished her degree. She had quite a challenging beginning, however, as she got fired from every place she worked with every three months due to her seizures. Instead of being discouraged, the situation motivated Yanira to push even harder and move on to the next opportunity that would open to her. She did not let her health condition define her future. More importantly, she did not let it get in the way of what she wanted to achieve in life. 

Sometimes, no matter how motivated and determined an aspiring entrepreneur can be, there are really dream killers out there who come in the form of people disguised as friends or even family. Yanira believes that being surrounded by encouraging people makes a whole lot of difference in anyone’s life. Just as she found a way to make her dreams happen, she wants to inspire others to pursue theirs passionately until they make it. 

“Do not let anyone hold you back and don’t listen to any negativity,” Yanira advised. “Surround yourself with positive, hungry, motivated people. Manifest your dreams. Know that anything is possible and it’s never late to start. You can make anything happen, and when you do start, stay consistent. It’s not going to happen overnight.”

The young entrepreneur is going full speed ahead with expanding her business. She is planning to add more products to her existing makeup line, inclined eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations, and lipliners, among others. She intends to make these beauty products available in the Ulta Store and Sephora. Each year, Yanira makes it her personal mission to elevate the branding of her business, and classy is the only way to go.

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