From Employee to Successful Entrepreneur, Briana Zalamar Continues to Thrive in Business

”Once you receive the blueprint or the plan, run with it, and take action.” These are the words of thriving entrepreneur Briana Zalamar, also known as BrooklynBabyBri. With these words, she has singlehandedly carved the path towards her own success, excelling in every venture she has ever set her mind to. 

BrookylnBabyBri is a strong proponent of working smart. Throughout her entire business career, she has always advocated for doing things in a much more efficient way while also being on top of things through her meticulous nature. Through her passion and determination, she has cemented herself as the queen of all trades, navigating multiple career paths and always coming out on top. Briana is a well-known entrepreneur, author, brand ambassador, correspondent, and the upcoming A&R for War Lab Music Group LLC.

She is the renowned founder of the leading online international children’s boutique, Bri’s Boutique. Her company has helped many parents and children connect through stylish apparel that is equally adorable as they are affordable. BrooklynBabyBri is passionate about the world of business. This fact is evident by the way she hustles and grinds to earn the success that she continues to enjoy.

BrooklynBabyBri is also the renowned author of Observe Don’t Absorb, which is a self-published book that is available on all major platforms worldwide. Her remarkable accolades have been lauded by a wide variety of mainstream publishing and broadcasting platforms such as BET, iHeart Radio, Hip-Hop Weekly, Urban One Honors, NAACP Image Awards, Under Raps Magazine, and Season 6 of Unpacking the Box.

Furthermore, BrooklynBabyBri is also partnered up with “Grinderzz 24/7 Magazine & TV,” which is a platform that highlights celebrities through media coverage and events for BET networks and other well-established platforms. Aside from her thriving business ventures, the certified girl boss is also a monetized content creator on Instagram. By monetizing her passion for content creation, she has amassed countless loyal followers, consistently engaging with them and inspiring them through her positive voice.

“Your glow up will be hard for some people to watch. Glow anyways,” shared BrooklynBabyBri. She is unapologetically herself, and this is why she has garnered such genuine success over the years. Through her most recent successes, she has become an icon in the world of lady entrepreneurs, motivating them to push further and reach for their dreams. 

When asked for advice that she would give to other aspiring entrepreneurs, BrooklynBabyBri replied: “Work smarter, not harder. Utilize yourself and work ethics, then create a brand out of it! That’s what makes me successful and stand different from most. When you have a dream, don’t let it go to voicemail.”

Ultimately, BrooklynBabyBri has positioned herself as one of the biggest black women entrepreneurs in the United States. She has no plans of slowing down any time soon, and it’s truly exciting to see where her success will take her in the coming years. One thing’s for sure, though, there’s nowhere to go but up from here for the genuine and passionate entrepreneur. “The major key to success is believing in yourself, your power and knowing your excellence. That’s what makes me ‘BrooklynBabyBri’”  

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