Five Customer Service Myths Every CEO Should Know

Customer Experience Expert Paul Rutter provides insight on where companies are missing the mark.  

With brands formulating business strategies as uniquely as possible, customer service is genuinely a factor that can either make or break a company. Customer Experience Expert Paul Rutter has spent over three decades interacting and exceeding expectations in the hospitality industry. The expert has worked on cruise ships, traveled the world, and realized that it’s not enough for one to think of perfection as an end goal, but a standard from the beginning. Taking his learnings from the high seas, Paul laid out and determined five customer service myths that prevent companies from maximizing their potential and how they can address them with innovative solutions.

Myth #1: The customer is always right.

Paul emphasizes that customers are not always right. There will be situations where they will come outside reasonable grounds, and problems arise because customers are programmed to think they are always right. “No matter how wrong they might be, it is very important to make sure that throughout the encounter, they are treated with dignity and respect. The goal is to make it a win-win situation where everyone walks away happy and stress-free,” said the expert. “Communication is key where the employee is willing to listen to the customer to show the customer is valued. Creating an open dialogue helps build a relationship.”

Myth #2: Great customer service entails putting the customers first. 

While the common piece og advice may sound unproblematic at first sight, Paul counters the myth by saying employees should always come first. He explains that if employees are motivated, encouraged, and engaged in a positive work culture, they will be more driven to put customers first of their own accord. 

Myth #3: No complaints means happy customers. 

Paul explains that the exact opposite might be true. Not all customers who experience lousy service will file complaints or make their distaste heard. In fact, according to Salesforce, 74% of consumers who have a terrible buying experience will just walk away without telling you about it. Hence, it is imperative for entrepreneurs to listen and provide consumers with multiple channels for reaching out to them.

Myth #4: Low price equals happy customers. 

“Consumers who shop on price alone are always looking for the next lower price and are not loyal to anyone. That is why your customer service and the overall customer experience must be the deciding factor. According to the 2017 American Express Customer Service Barometer, 70% of Americans are willing to spend more money with a company that delivers great service,” said Paul.

Myth #5: If you meet your customer’s needs, your job is done. 

Paul i know for his “More Than Perfect” service model, and believes that one has to exceed expectations rather than merely strive to meet them. With the cutthroat competition existing in industries, one has to deliver “wow” moments and create lasting memories. It doesn’t always have to be grand, it can be in the little things, like a handwritten thank you card or an appreciation phone call. 

About Paul Rutter

As a speaker, author, and customer experience expert, Paul helps companies around the globe exceed customer expectations.  Paul is also the author of “You Can’t Make This Ship Up” and  “Repeat Business Inc: The Business of Staying in Business.” 
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