Farzin Hesari Leads LINK to New Heights in Business Sales and Advisory

Farzin Hesari
Photo Courtesy: Emily Moloney

By: Mae Cornes

Since taking the helm as CEO of LINK Business Brokers Australia, Farzin Hesari has been instrumental in steering the company towards unprecedented success in the business sales and advisory sector. Under his leadership, LINK has solidified its position as a market leader and redefined business brokerage standards.

Hesari’s approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the industry’s nuances and a keen eye for innovation. “Our goal has always been to elevate the standards of business brokerage,” says Hesari. “We’re not just connecting buyers and sellers; we’re crafting a bridge where the integrity of the transaction and the satisfaction of both parties are paramount.”

Data-Driven Decision Making: The Core of LINK’s Strategy

One of the key factors in LINK’s success has been its reliance on data-driven decision-making. The company has developed an award-winning valuation software recognized nationally for accurately assessing businesses based on comparable sales. According to Hesari, this tool is a technological achievement, ensuring that 95% of their business sales are within 4% of the appraised value.

This methodical approach has yielded impressive results. LINK has successfully transacted over $5 billion worth of businesses, aiding 30,000 business owners in their exit strategies. “These figures reflect our commitment to precision and excellence,” Hesari adds.

LINK’s Growth and Market Dominance

Under Hesari’s stewardship, LINK has experienced a remarkable 52% year-on-year growth. With an extensive network of over 300 specialized business brokers, the company has established itself as the largest business brokerage group in the world. Its market share testifies to its effectiveness and dominance.

Hesari explains, “Our growth is not just in numbers but also in the depth of our services. We have expanded our reach, offering tailored solutions to business owners across Australia and New Zealand.” LINK’s strategies have successfully tapped into the potential of emerging markets, consistently outperforming its competitors.

Ethical Practices and Client-Centric Approach

Maintaining ethical standards and a client-centric approach has been a cornerstone of LINK’s philosophy. Hesari emphasizes the importance of ethical practices in an industry where trust and integrity are crucial. “We believe in transparency and honesty in all our dealings,” he states. “Our clients entrust us with their life’s work, and we honor that trust by ensuring the highest standards of ethical practices.”

LINK’s strategy involves thorough preparation and planning for strategic exits, maximizing client value while maintaining confidentiality and integrity. The company’s consistency in these areas has won them client trust, numerous accolades, and a high customer satisfaction rating.

LINK’s Vision and Innovations

Hesari is focused on continuing LINK’s trajectory of innovation and market leadership. “The field of business brokerage is ever-evolving, and we aim to be at the forefront of this evolution,” he asserts. LINK’s commitment to leveraging technology and data to enhance their services remains crucial to their strategy.

Moreover, Hesari envisions LINK’s role in shaping industry standards and practices. “Our mission extends beyond business transactions. We aim to be the leaders of change and innovation in the business brokerage industry,” he concludes.

Farzin Hesari’s leadership at LINK Business Brokers Australia has accomplished significant growth, innovation, and commitment to ethical practices and client satisfaction. With a future of robust, data-driven approach, LINK continues its trajectory as a leader in the business sales and advisory sector.

Hesari’s tenure has not only been about growth but also about establishing a legacy of excellence. By emphasizing ethical practices, client satisfaction, and technological innovation, he has set a new benchmark for the industry. This vision for the future, underpinned by a commitment to ethical standards and innovation, ensures that LINK Business Brokers Australia will remain at the forefront of the business brokerage industry, leading with integrity, expertise, and an unmatched client focus.

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