Everything Great About Horizon Forbidden West

Everything Great About Horizon Forbidden West
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You distinctly remember when you got Horizon Zero Dawn on the PlayStation 4 for the first time, and you were taken aback by how brilliant the game was. You initially thought the game was prehistoric because of the tribal system, the main character Aloy’s attire, and many other factors. When you see that the game has mechanical animals, you realize it is set far into the future, where robots have destroyed civilization, and humans have to fend for themselves by living in tribes. 

The game then got a sequel called Horizon Forbidden West, which was lightyears ahead of Zero Dawn. However, to make the most of your experience, you need an internet connection that downloads the game and its updates as quickly as possible, so get an internet connection like Xfinity Internet

Today, we will be talking about Horizon Forbidden West and what makes the game superior to its predecessor. The game improved a lot, and honestly, you couldn’t get enough of it. So make sure that you sit tight and read all the way to the end for a better insight into the game! There are potential spoilers ahead, so tread with caution!

More Meaner Machines

In Horizon Forbidden West, the mechanical animals were taken up a notch from what they were in the last game, packing the kind of challenge you always wished for. You must put in a lot of effort and strategy to bring those machines down for experience and parts. 

As you progress through the game, you are also introduced to machines called Apex Machines, which are even more aggressive than the usual robots you encounter. They are relatively difficult to fight against, but you will see how satisfying the experience is once you do!

The Option to Glide

There’s one enemy in the game that carries a holographic shield. While in battle, Aloy damages the shield while in battle, but that doesn’t mean it becomes impossible to use. Aloy begins gliding with the shield as she comes down from a significant height. The shield makes traversal in the game much easier, especially after you unmount a larger robot.

Once you get the hang of using it, you will see how much it improves gameplay compared to the previous game. So make sure that you get your hands on the game!

The Ability to Fly Around

If you played Zero Dawn, you would remember how much we wished to fly using the machines that flying animals, such as the Stormbird machine in the game inspired, finally, that has been made possible in Horizon Forbidden West. There are birds called Sunwings that you can mount towards the game’s end since the massive map makes it easier for you to travel around without having to use fast travel over and over again. 

Also, it looks really cool if you unmount the bird midair and then start gliding as you reach the ground. The birds have different controls to fight mid-flight, which makes the experience interesting as well!

A Plethora of Side Missions

Horizon Forbidden West comes with numerous side missions, which make the game interesting even after you are done with the game’s main story. These side missions add to the main storyline and keep you busy for a long time. Plus, these side missions are engaging, so you should try doing them all!

It also helps Aloy interact with more people through her journey, showing how heroic Aloy is as a character. So when you actually play the game, make sure you don’t miss out on the side missions!

Improved and Added Weapons

While some weapons have been repeated from the new game, there are some new weapons that I had never seen before. These weapons also cause great damage depending on which machine you are fighting. You also have to complete a set of missions and side missions to unlock these weapons, so make sure that you keep an eye out for that! 

Scan a machine to see its weaknesses so that you can exploit them and defeat them quickly. You may also use these weapons while in battle with humans. Aloy also has a series of skills you can unlock with skill points, so make sure to max them out to see her best!

Conclusive Note

Horizon Forbidden West has to be among the most engaging games. Paired with a PS5 and a 4K TV, the experience couldn’t be described in words. The game is so beautiful in every aspect that it nearly made me cry!

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