Ephraim Urevbu’s South Main Street Mural Transform Urban Landscape, Sparking Conversations of Change

Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/white-and-brown-wooden-wall-decor-mAS-Wv9oFIQ
Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/white-and-brown-wooden-wall-decor-mAS-Wv9oFIQ

In the bustling streets of Warri, Nigeria, Ephraim Urevbu’s story began. Raised by a single mom in a household of eight, young Ephraim understood early on that education was the key to unlocking the door to success. His journey took him through one of Warri’s three elite high schools and Africa’s oldest art college in Lagos. However, Urevbu’s trajectory diverged from the conventional professional path as he chased his passion for art all the way to the vibrant city of Memphis in America.

Urevbu’s pursuit of art led him to the University of Memphis, where he earned a Master of Fine Arts degree. In 1994, he took a bold step by acquiring a space to create his magnum opus—a massive 60’x18′ commissioned artwork. This marked the beginning of Urevbu’s ownership of a building on South Main Street in downtown Memphis. Transforming this space, he birthed Urevbu Contemporary (formerly Art Village Gallery), and a unique dining establishment named Zanzibar. Collaborating with the City of Memphis, he later established a thriving arts district in the shadows of the National Civil Rights Museum.

Art, for Urevbu, served as a bridge connecting the dots between his past and present. Drawing inspiration from a life marred by poverty, cultural and familial barriers, the harsh realities of black life in America, battles against racism, and a private war with cancer, Urevbu discovered a unique and compassionate voice. This voice resonates in his latest collection, “The Naked Truth.”

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“The Naked Truth” project fearlessly delves into the African experience in America, weaving a tapestry that spans from historical struggles to contemporary challenges. Urevbu aims to share America’s untold stories through art, offering an innovative and self-paced approach to learning history. An exciting addition to his repertoire is “The Incubator,” a revolutionary project set to provide residency to aspiring artists worldwide, fostering creative expression through in-house studios and one-on-one mentorships.

The first Incubator is on the horizon for Memphis, following a series of impactful projects such as The South Main Street Mural, Custom Tiles QR project, and the official book launch for the Naked Truth Art Project in New York.

Urevbu’s passion is palpable as he shares, “What makes me best at my niche is my passion. It is what sets me apart from most people. I cannot just sit back, watch, and be angry. I’d rather do something to promote a change, promote the healing of a nation.” Urevbu envisions sparking dialogues that only art can truthfully offer—a single painting with multiple perspectives. Art, he believes, is not just his gift; it is his superpower. The beauty lies in his ability to recognize value in those who may not yet see it in themselves.

However, Ephraim’s deepest passion lies with youth. Contemplating ways to have influence in their lives, he yearns to ensure every child has the opportunity to operate in their natural gifts. Creating platforms for them to hone their innate abilities, Ephraim aims to empower the youth to navigate and bring change to a world that existed long before their conceptions. He understands the vital role of including the youth in social justice movements, recognizing their potential as the vanguards of change.

As an immigrant, Ephraim brings an “outsider’s” perspective, offering unbiased views on America’s social injustices—views forged through personal experiences. It was the shared experiences of inequality that connected him to communities directly impacted by these social injustices, propelling him into the fight for what he believes in. His faith in art as a catalyst for overdue conversations fuels his mission to amplify the voices of those most affected while mending the discord of a trauma-based mentality.

Ephraim’s advocacy extends to opening dialogues with policymakers and government officials, urging a peaceful approach to accountability. His endeavors involve lobbying, organizing meetings, and influencing legislation to address the root causes of social injustices. At the core of his mission is to push for more institutes of creative outlet and instill a culture that respects the individual and embraces the healing power of art.

In a world often characterized by discord, Ephraim Urevbu stands as a beacon of hope, using his art not just as a medium of expression but as a catalyst for positive change. Through “The Naked Truth” and “The Incubator,” he creates spaces where stories are told, perspectives are shifted, and the youth are empowered. In Ephraim’s vision, art becomes a powerful force capable of healing nations one stroke at a time.

Explore the vibrant tapestry of Ephraim Urevbu’s artistic universe through his website, where each stroke tells a story, and every color whispers a narrative.


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