Entrepreneur Elisabeth Hoekstra Teaching People to Deal with Unresolved Trauma to Manifest their Best Lives

Pursuing success and achieving it does not always happen on a clean slate. As humans, life is not always black and white, and it takes someone ready to go all the way to navigate the grey areas to succeed. Entrepreneur and actress Elisabeth Hoekstra has had quite a journey and navigated many twists and turns throughout her life to become who she is today. Using her experience, she is building a brand by teaching people to deal with unresolved trauma so they can manifest their best lives.

Elisabeth Hoekstra got the taste of what success felt like at some point in her life, but she kept being dragged down by unresolved trauma. She was getting calls to feature in music videos, films, TV shows, and magazines, yet, the dark side of herself was a major inhibition to her progress. Elisabeth was adopted, abused physically and sexually multiple times, and had a drug and alcohol problem which was the toxic norm for the life she lived in Hollywood. She also started dealing in the streets at a young age that led to catching a case later in life and getting incarcerated. Thus, she has committed herself to sharing her story and teaching the modalities and holistic remedies she applied to become the successful entrepreneur she is but, more importantly, the inner peace she lives through on a daily basis. “I fixed my own issues and unresolved trauma with the power inside of myself that everyone is able to tap into. That extraordinary power is in every one of us, we’ve just forgotten about it because of life’s stressors that bog us down.” she said.

Going completely without drugs and alcohol for years, acquiring notable credentials, and building businesses are a few of Elisabeth’s achievements. Today, Elisabeth is known as a published model and actress, a bestselling author, and host of a hit podcast called Bio-Hack Your Best Life, which she hosts with Billy Carson. In addition, she is a Certified Working Pastry Chef (CWPC) and went to school for business marketing and management at Davenport University. She also attended Schoolcraft College for Culinary Arts and played a major role in opening an award-winning restaurant as the resident pastry chef. In addition to all of these, she has a real estate license and broke state records for helping a statewide effort to secure the most offices in the shortest time in history.

Elisabeth Hoekstra never stopped pursuing greatness as she quickly became the president of a mental health and wellness center. In her real estate practice, she built a 30-agent real estate team, and with help from her efforts to help bring awareness to the toxic water conditions within Detroit schools, they now have a filtration system built within many of the schools. She obtained a certificate in cell biology – mitochondria from Harvard University and now works as the Director of Operations with 4biddenknowledge Inc.

“A traumatic start does not have to be a life sentence. You can get over anything and live your best life manifesting whatever abundance you want every single day – once you deal with your unresolved trauma within your mind, body, and energy,” Elisabeth said. With everything she has achieved, Elisabeth hopes to speak to thousands of people about her journey and inspire change within them with her story. She plans to write at least five best-selling books in the next few years and shape people’s mindsets towards strategies that can create real change in their lives.


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