Entrepreneur Caleb Terzian’s Impressive Journey To Success

With so many technological discoveries and developments over the last few years, the entrepreneurial landscape has undergone a striking transformation. One such significant change is the proliferation of incredibly young founders and innovators running their very own ventures. Among this outstanding pool of movers and shakers is the inspiring Caleb Terzian, a 19-year-old social media connoisseur.

He is a respected authority in social media management, having handled several high-profile clients, including private individuals and established brands such as five-star hotels and villas. In addition, he is currently the Brand Manager of a social media travel booking agency based in California, as well as a Social Coordinator for a TV media company in Holland.

The remarkable young man has already attained massive success that many individuals twice his age could only hope to achieve. When asked what helped him accomplish such an impressive feat, the insightful entrepreneur credits his early exposure to the industry.

Caleb had his first business stint at 14 when he worked with his best friend’s mother running a wedding service that decorated venues. After that, he managed his small travel page with around 10,000 followers. Using his knowledge of social media platforms, Caleb quickly grew the account to skyrocketing popularity. 

Eventually, the page attracted a wide audience, including several interested clients who wanted his help managing their social media pages; thus, his career as a social media manager began.

Now, nearly four years after he started, Caleb has enhanced his skills and mastered the ins and outs of social media management. In fact, the ability to spot trends in the industry and adapt has become second nature to the intuitive entrepreneur. 

As a result, he can make a video or content trend again, reaching even more than the original time it hit the algorithm. “The pages I own and manage reach a billion people yearly across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on,” he proudly shared. 

At the same time, the insightful young man shows no signs of slowing down. If anything, he has become more dedicated to honing his craft and staying at the top of the game. “I am also studying for a Chartered Business and Management degree which is privately funded by a retail company that generates billions in annual revenue,” explained the entrepreneur.

On top of his vision of elevating his success to greater heights, what motivates Caleb to keep going is his desire to help his family. The devoted son is keen on giving back to his parents and ensuring his family is set for life. 

Caleb Terzian is a testament that age is not a hindrance to success. What matters is one’s drive, dedication, and commitment to achieving their goals. “You can start small with anything but stay consistent as that’s half the job. You can research how to start or ways to make money everywhere. There’s no excuse apart from yourself, no matter what situation you’re in or how much extra money you have, if any. You can start for free with social media and many other business ideas.” Caleb left us with this message: “always trust in God and be honest and legitimate with business.”


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