Entrepreneur and Well-Known as Jovah Kayne, Launches His Own Music Company

Jason Everett, best known in the music industry as Jovah Kayne, recently launched his own music company called Richlyfe Music Group. Also known for his business acumen and exceptional entrepreneurial skills, Jovah Kayne is expected to make big names out of aspiring new music artists in the near future while generating impressive revenues at the same time. 

Some of Richlyfe Music Group’s key services include PR, social media promotions, and making songs available on various digital streaming platforms accessible in different parts of the world. Jovah Kayne uses cutting-edge promotions and initiatives to market his clients worldwide. He is also best known to be a very hands-on executive to ensure that his artists are well taken care of. At present, he is working on developing the music career of phenomenal artists, including Dez Hall and Conny Cash. 

Jovah Kayne also intends to use Richlyfe Music Group as a safe and productive avenue for the youth who find refuge in music as they continue their day-to-day battles with life’s biggest blows, from poverty to dysfunctional homes and different forms of discrimination. He hopes to make music their way of escaping trouble and help them make something out of their lives. 

The rising music company owner was originally from St. Andrews, Jamaica. Along with this family, he migrated to the United States more than 18 years ago. At the young age of ten, he started spending more time with his cousin We Da Best signee DJ Jazzy T. He grew to love music all the more and took up a degree in the music business, focusing on engineering at Miami Dade College.

As he worked tirelessly to elevate his skills as a DJ, Jovah was eventually able to connect with hip-hop superstar Sean Kingston, who eventually hired him as a touring DJ. This rare and priceless opportunity enabled him to tour the world. The experience expanded his network in the music industry both in and outside of America, and he built relationships with some of the industry’s power players. Some years later, he began producing songs for popular artists to include K Camp and Mykko Montana, to mention a few. 

Looking into the future, Jovah Kayne has nothing but high hopes for Richlyfe Music Group. Apart from making it a household name when it comes to excellently produced music, he is also dedicated to helping promising artists realize their dream of becoming well-known in the industry. As someone who has seen the many ups and downs of building a career in the music industry, Jovah Kayne understands that it can get very discouraging and frustrating somewhere between starting out and actually making it. Bridging the gap and handling the business side of building a personal brand guarantees that his artists get a shot at becoming appreciated for their craft. 

With the launching of Richlyfe Music Group, Jovah Kayne looks forward to seeing his artists tour the world and create a lasting impact on music lovers. With his guidance and mentorship, he believes that many aspiring artists will reach their full potential. Learn more about Richlyfe Music Group by visiting its website. Follow the company’s Instagram account and subscribe to its YouTube channel for updates.

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