Empowering Children’s Literature Takes Center Stage with Allison Perkins-Caldwell’s “Phat Cat and the Family” Series

Allison Perkins-Caldwell
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Allison Perkins-Caldwell‘s “Phat Cat and the Family” series is like a party for your imagination. With its colorful illustrations and whimsical storytelling, readers are transported to a world where anything is possible. From Phat Cat’s mischievous antics to the heartwarming lessons learned by the family, each book in the series is a delightful adventure. 

As a young reader delves into one of Allison’s books, they are transported to a world of whimsy and wonder. But these tales are not just for entertainment; they also offer opportunities for intellectual growth and critical thinking. Through the vibrant illustrations and engaging text, children learn valuable life lessons about compassion, resilience, and the importance of embracing diversity. With Allison at the helm, the children’s literature market has never been more exciting or empowering.

The “Phat Cat and the Family” series is jam-packed with stories that are sure to expand young readers’ minds and keep them hooked from start to finish. With challenging vocabulary, complex storytelling, and in-depth learning sections at the end of each book, kids can put their critical thinking caps on and engage in exciting activities that will reinforce their new vocabulary and leave them feeling accomplished.

As a passionate advocate for cultural diversity and inclusivity, Allison has woven these values into her book series in a truly delightful way. And now, with her upcoming Seven Continents Series, she’s taking things to a whole new level. Her cast of characters will bring readers across the globe, immersing themselves in the vibrant cultures of each continent while learning about geography, math, geology, and history. With a focus on respect, curiosity, and learning, this series is sure to captivate young readers and inspire them to become world citizens.

With her boundless knowledge and years of experience, Allison has become a renowned figure in her niche. Her innovative ideas and holistic approach have earned her the prestigious NAEYC accreditation and the coveted Gold Rating in the State of Illinois. Whether she’s teaching, writing or speaking, Allison always leaves her audience inspired and ready to take on the world.

Allison is on a mission to change the globe, one little learner at a time. Her passion for early childhood education knows no bounds, and her target audience is just as diverse as her imagination. From parents and caregivers to educators and childcare professionals to curious kiddos and their families, and even community organizations and partners who want to make a positive difference in underserved areas, Allison’s message is clear: everyone deserves access to quality education and a bright future. 

As the author of the “Phat Cat and the Family” book series, Allison sets off to spread a love for literature that is not only entertaining but also enriching. With her vivid imagination and creative storytelling, she takes her readers on a journey filled with diverse characters, engaging plotlines, and important life lessons. Allison believes that investing in high-quality literature is crucial for nurturing young minds and inspiring them to reach for the stars.


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