Elite Boutique Brokerage Kinfolk Home Loans Sets New Standards of Excellence in the Mortgage Industry

Kinfolk Home Loans
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Kinfolk Home Loans, a rising star in the mortgage industry, is making waves with its exceptional leadership and commitment to providing unparalleled service. Led by a dynamic executive team, the company is redefining the role of mortgage loan officers, bringing a fresh and client-centric approach to the market.

At the helm of Kinfolk Home Loans is Chief Executive Officer Cody Adams, a trailblazer with an impressive track record in the industry. Adams, originally from Bullhead City, Arizona, has risen through the ranks of the largest mortgage company in the US, demonstrating his innovative thinking, passion for culture, and unwavering focus on execution. Recognized for his exceptional leadership and sales skills, Adams has won numerous awards as an originator and has led hundreds of loan officers to success, building incredible lives along the way.

Adams shared his inspiration for starting Kinfolk Home Loans, saying, “We were taught emotional intelligence, culture, sales, structuring our day, leadership, how to win, and most importantly HARD WORK. The company and experience taught us everything we knew, both good and bad. We made a decision to take all of the GREAT we learned there and leave all of the bad. We also had a great deal of experience from a pure volume standpoint… When you’re interacting and transacting with that many clients, you have no choice but to learn and learn fast.”

Working alongside Adams is Chief Operating Officer Scott Camara, who shares a deep-rooted friendship with Adams that spans over 20 years. Camara, originally from Anaheim, California, brings a wealth of experience to the table, with a strong background in the mortgage industry and a mastery of the refinance sector. With a dedication to providing unmatched client service and building a legacy, Camara joined forces with Adams to create something extraordinary.

Camara explained the unique qualities that set Kinfolk Home Loans apart, saying, “With these unique qualities we can get our clients home loans closed faster than anyone else on average and ensure we get it done right the first time. By doing this, our goal of an elite brokerage is that we want to leave them with the impression that there is no other way I would do a mortgage.”

Completing the executive team is Chief Financial Officer Connor Cozen, an Arizona native with a background in leadership and finance. Cozen emphasized the importance of selecting loan officers who embody the company’s values, saying, “To be able to perform at a high level and build a successful team, we must look for loan officers that are willing to do whatever it takes to represent the brand and who we are as an organization… The expectation is that no one skips the steps and or training it takes to learn our process so the service we provide is exceptional and consistent every single time.”

Cozen added, “Our core values and vision involve making the select few lead by example in life and inside our doors and be the best version of themselves… Our core values are the foundation of our culture, and we hold ourselves and each other accountable to them.”

With their combined expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, the executive team at Kinfolk Home Loans is reshaping the mortgage industry and setting new standards of service. By upholding their core values of unimpeachable character, competitive grit, sincere candor, and unreasonable hospitality, they are creating a culture that prioritizes clients and fosters deep, long-lasting relationships.

Kinfolk Home Loans is poised to revolutionize the industry, providing clients with an unmatched experience that sets them up for financial success. With their visionary leadership and dedication to continuous improvement, Kinfolk Home Loans is on track to become the go-to boutique brokerage for mortgage solutions.

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