Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group CEO Egypt Sherrod on Carving a Spot at the Top of the Industry and Inspiring Women and Go-Getters Through Her Success

Homeownership is a goal shared by countless people from all over the world. However, while the processes involved in getting a roof over one’s head may seem easy on paper, the reality behind owning a house is much harsher. Not only do individuals and families have to deal with the financial burden that comes hand in hand with materializing this particular dream, but they also need to navigate the complexities of the real estate industry. Unfortunately, not everyone is equipped with the knowledge they need to breeze through the journey toward homeownership, with some only learning about mortgages and a host of other relevant concepts on the spot. Given the long string of challenges that confront those aiming to secure their dream home, it is essential to seek the guidance of experts like Egypt Sherrod. The mind behind Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group, she is an acclaimed powerhouse whose impressive portfolio not only speaks of her solid standing within the real estate scene but also of her influence on women who want to have it all. 

An inspiration to today’s go-getters, Egypt Sherrod makes it clear through her success that the entrepreneurial realm and the real estate scene, in particular, is another space that women can conquer if they wish to do so. No longer battlegrounds exclusive to men, these industries have witnessed the rise of female power players who are as capable and vision-driven as their male colleagues. 

Boasting over eighteen years of experience as an accomplished realtor, Egypt Sherrod leaves no room for doubt over her reputation as “America’s most beloved real estate agent.” She is the founder of The Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group, a trusted venture known for delivering several services, from counseling modest first-time home buyers to quarterbacking the listing and marketing of homes owned by corporate leaders, celebrities, physicians, and investors throughout Atlanta.

Considering her in-depth understanding of the market, exceptional customer service, and superior negotiation skills, it does not come as a surprise why Egypt Sherrod has managed to emerge as the go-to authority and an unparalleled choice for a variety of real estate transactions. She is a master certified negotiation expert (MCNE), certified distressed property expert (CDPE), accredited buyer’s representative (ABR), and certified residential specialist (CRS). 

The acclaimed Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group is currently licensed in two states. In the past, she’s shared her comprehensive industry knowledge by serving as a former real estate columnist for Atlanta Magazine’s HOME. Her confidence in every stage and in every space can be credited both to her expertise in the nitty-gritty of real estate and to her background in broadcasting and branding. 

“My background in broadcasting and branding has proven to be invaluable,” shared Egypt Sherrod. “It has given me a strong foundation and a unique understanding of how to make people pay attention to my value proposition and garner results. You can count on me to help you successfully navigate your home sale or purchase and to provide you with the insights you need so you can make the best, most informed decisions.”

The Temple University graduate has also solidified her position at the top through the awards she’s snagged over the years. Apart from being chosen as one of Network Journal’s 40 Under 40, she has graced NBC’s Today Show, CNBC, FOX, CNN, and HLN. Additionally, Egypt Sherrod has been featured on Forbes, Architectural, Essence Magazine, Fast Company,, Rolling Stone, Black Enterprise, and more. 

On top of these shows, the award-winning broker and Elle Q’s Woman of the Year shone, as well, on Sister Circle, Steve Harvey, DISH Atlanta, and OWN’s Black Love Doc. She further secured a spot in the limelight by appearing as the host and co-executive producer of HGTV’s Married to Real Estate and Flipping Virgins.

While highly fulfilling, the road that led Egypt Sherrod toward great heights was nowhere near easy. Like others, she has had her fair share of struggles, but she barreled through every barrier on her way to success. Armed with decades worth of learnings and key takeaways, she sets an example for women to follow. Among what she always places a heavy premium on is knowing one’s value.

“Our self-worth cannot be attached to our net worth,” emphasized Egypt Sherrod. “Our worth is not up for negotiation. You will be amazed at what you attract after you start believing in what you deserve.”

Moreover, in maneuvering others toward the direction of success, Egypt Sherrod highlights the importance of creating a clear-cut vision that people want to see come to fruition. “We possess the power to manifest the lives we want. Where we are today is a direct reflection of the seeds we sowed yesterday. With that knowledge, what life shit shall we create today,” she added. 

Despite the accomplishments under her belt, Egypt Sherrod does not plan to slow down anytime soon. In the years to come, the broker, author, and speaker aims to make more significant waves.


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