Edwin Carrion: The God-Made Millionaire Who Currently Serves as a Source of Inspiration for Thousands of Aspirants Worldwide

It is not every day that you witness the journey of a God-made millionaire. While industries are mostly peppered with established authorities who have managed to climb the summits of success with several business connections and abundant resources, there is a significant number of highly accomplished personalities who have worked their way up the commercial ladder, carrying the hope that anyone can reach impressive heights. These industry frontrunners not only demonstrate the powerful combination of grit, passion, and dedication, but they also show that anyone can make a mark. Edwin Carrion, an esteemed name in the realms of real estate development, business, and entrepreneurship, is one such powerhouse who graces the summits of success with his brilliance, gilt-edged spirit, and iron determination.

This respected personality is currently making waves for his inspiring story of success. Edwin Carrion’s tale of trials and triumphs has earned acclaim from trade powerhouses and peers, solidifying his reputable stance across the industry. As he continues to climb the pinnacles of greatness, he hopes to inspire and make a mark in the lives of young aspirants wishing to thrive and get ahead in this dog-eat-dog world.

An Immigrant from Ecuador and hailing from Miami, Florida, this forty-three-year-old powerhouse has always been fixed on the goal of making it in a highly competitive industry. After graduating with a bachelor of science degree in business and construction management from the Florida International University and earning multiple state licenses, such as a general contractor, mortgage broker, and property and casualty licenses in the State of Florida, Edwin Carrion wasted no time and worked hard to begin carving a success-enabling path of his own. Years down the road, he founded E&D Development, in which he developed and sold over $30 million in real estate.

Proving his arsenal of skills and talents, Edwin Carrion continued to demonstrate his prowess by establishing the Countrywide Gold Buyers in Rhode Island after the real estate meltdown. In just a few months, he managed to turn CGB into a national company while growing its revenue to over $15 million. Although he handed CGB over to a new owner in 2014, Edwin continued to persevere and co-founded a high-end real estate company called Eco Modern Custom Homes, an enterprise that earned over $10 million in revenue, which he later sold in 2017.

With over 20 years of experience under his belt, it comes as no surprise how Edwin Carrion is shaking up the property investment space. His expertise in all aspects of managing operations in startups, from development, design, organization, legal, financial, marketing, and capital financing to strategic negotiations with client and vendor-partners has made him a key player in the industry who has served a vital role in the growth of several companies. Proving to be unstoppable in his craft, Edwin founded Upscale Development Group, LLC in 2020 to continue materializing his vision of inspiring aspirants across the world.

Armed with big plans for the future, Edwin Carrion shows no sign of slowing down. He aims to expand his horizons, showcase his skills and energy, and create a legacy of his own. Above anything, he wishes to become an instrument of transformation for thousands of individuals wishing to get ahead despite the countless adversities that may come along the way.


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