Ebi Oginni: Flipping Fails to Wins in the Voice of Purpose Virtual Speaking Competition

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Sourced Photo

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Ebi Oginni, the ultimate champion for the little guy, rocked the virtual world in the “Voice of Purpose” face-off, brought to us by First Class Agency. In a field of 20 standout speakers, Ebi shone bright, transforming “Oops!” into “Let’s do this!” Her mantra? Stumbles aren’t setbacks; they’re springboards.

Let’s dive into Ebi’s world. She’s not your average motivational speaker. She believes that messing up is actually a secret ingredient to success. In the Voice of Purpose contest, her goal was clear: show the world that when life gives you lemons, you don’t just make lemonade; you start a lemonade stand!

Now, why does Ebi think failing is so cool? Well, she’s got this neat trick called looking for the 3 T’s in failure: tenacity, training and triumph. Sounds fancy, but it’s pretty simple. It’s about rising above fear, sticking to your guns when things get tough, and turning bad breaks into big wins.

In the Voice of Purpose arena, Ebi wasn’t just another voice. She was THE voice that made you sit up and listen. She’s all about taking those “oops” moments and turning them into “aha!” ones. She’s the friend who tells you it’s okay to trip because you’ll get up stronger.

By jumping into this competition, Ebi wasn’t just talking the talk; she was walking the walk. She showed everyone how to flip the script on fear, swap sitting on the sidelines for getting in the game, and trade doubt for a can-do attitude.

Ebi’s business and her message are like peanut butter and jelly – a perfect match. Her stint in the Voice of Purpose was another way to spread her word far and wide, saying loud and clear: “Hey world, I’ve got something different to say about failure!”

This platform was Ebi’s megaphone. She wasn’t just sharing tips; she was leading a charge. She turned her fear of failing into a badge of honor and, in doing so, stamped her name as a big-time player in the inspiration game. 

Want to know more about Ebi and her cool take on life’s boo-boos? Check out her website. Her approach to life’s hiccups is not just unique; it’s a game-changer. She’ll be announcing the release of her new book soon, so keep an eye out. 

This multi-talented speaker also spreads her motivational messages through music as well and has a book coming out soon. To listen to some of her uplifting music listen here

Ebi Oginni: Flipping Fails to Wins in the Voice of Purpose Virtual Speaking Competition
Photo Credited to Nicolette Moore, First Class Agency

Ebi’s journey in the Voice of Purpose is a nudge for all of us. It tells us that every flop has a flip side of success, every misstep can be a dance move in disguise, and every “try again” is a step closer to “nailed it.” Like Ebi says, when life trips you up, it’s just getting you ready for a bigger leap. After all, failure isn’t just a bump in the road; it’s the GPS rerouting you to your destination.


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