Dr. Christina Rahm and Clayton Thomas Introduce Hollywood Stars to the ROOT Brands at GBK Brand Bar’s 15th Annual Oscar Luxury Lounge

Dr. Christina Rahm and Clayton Thomas Introduce Hollywood Stars to the ROOT Brands at GBK Brand Bar’s 15th Annual Oscar Luxury Lounge
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In the midst of the star-studded frenzy that is Hollywood’s biggest award night, an oasis of wellness and luxury emerged at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where GBK Brand Bar hosted its 15th Annual Oscar Luxury Lounge. Presented by CARE A2+, this exclusive event saw a convergence of luminaries from the world of entertainment, who were treated to an opulent display of gifts valued at over $100,000. Among these gifts were wellness products from the ROOT Brands, designed to promote health and well-being through natural detoxification.

The glamor of the Oscars was matched by the prestige of guests in attendance. From Oscar winner Viola Davis to Emmy winners like Neil Patrick Harris and cultural icons such as Cedric the Entertainer, the lounge was a microcosm of Hollywood’s elite. Stars from Oscar-nominated films like “Barbie” and “Killers of the Flower Moon” mingled with nominees across various categories, creating a vibrant tapestry of talent and achievement.

Amidst this dazzling array of celebrities, Dr. Christina Rahm and Clayton Thomas stood out for their contribution to enhancing wellness in Hollywood’s hectic lifestyle. Through their innovative products such as Zero-In and Rahm Roast Coffee, they offered stars a chance to embrace biohacking solutions tailored for mental clarity and toxin-free living.

Zero-In, with its patent-pending blend aimed at reducing brain fog, alongside Rahm Roast Coffee—a medium roast from Guatemala known for its all-natural composition—were just a few examples of how The ROOT Brands are revolutionizing wellness. Other products like ReLive Greens and Immune Defense Shield underscored a commitment to supporting the body’s natural processes, with each gift promising not just rejuvenation but also a new perspective on health.

Clayton Thomas remarked on the significance of introducing these products to such a high-profile audience: “This past week at the Annual Oscar Lounge… It was a perfect blend of introduction to celebrities’ ability to use The ROOT Brand’s patented biohacking products.” This statement encapsulates not just the essence of what The ROOT Brands aim to achieve but also highlights how important it is for public figures to lead by example in adopting healthier lifestyles.

The luxury didn’t stop at wellness products; guests were treated to an array of lavish getaways ranging from African safaris to stays in Greece and Turks & Caicos. Electronics, jewelry, and gourmet foods added layers of extravagance to an already opulent affair. High alkaline mineral water from Soultox and mycotoxin-free coffee demonstrated how even beverages could be elevated into luxury experiences that contribute positively to one’s health.

In addition to indulging in physical luxuries, attendees supported charitable causes with over $80,000 raised during the event for organizations like Angel City Pit Bulls and Casa De Los Angelitos. This philanthropic aspect underscored an ethos of giving back that permeated throughout the lounge.

GBK Brand Bar CEO Gavin Keilly’s commitment towards making a difference shone brightly as he facilitated this grand fusion between luxury gifting and charitable giving. His vision has translated into significant contributions totaling over $10 million towards more than 50 charities since 2002—an impressive feat that reinforces how events like these can serve as powerful platforms for positive change.

As Hollywood continues its yearly celebration of cinematic achievements with glitz and glamor, events like GBK Brand Bar’s Oscar Luxury Lounge remind us that beneath all that sparkle lies opportunities for meaningful interactions and contributions towards personal well-being and societal betterment. It stands as a testament that even in our pursuit for excellence in artistry or entertainment, prioritizing health, wellness, and philanthropy remains ever so crucial.

For more information about The ROOT Brands’ innovative approach towards healthful living through biohacking solutions visit www.therootbrands.com or follow them on Instagram @theRootBrands_, Facebook OfficialROOTBrands or Twitter @theRootBrands for updates on their latest offerings tailored towards enhancing your wellbeing journey amidst life’s luxuries.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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