Digital Startup GOV+ innovates Government Document Applications, Bringing One-Stop Convenience to the Public

Digital Startup GOV+ innovates Government Document Applications, Bringing One-Stop Convenience to the Public
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Nobody loves applying for a passport or other government document. The process is typically complicated, and confusing, leading to only 56% of adult Americans holding a valid passport. Applicants have to fill out numerous online forms or line up at a government office, taking much time out of their busy days.

GOV+, a startup founded by Guy Lelouch and Katie D’Amore is challenging this outdated system through its innovative and paperless digital platform, which helps users complete, submit, and track their government applications. GOV+ handles six different document applications – passports, Social Security cards, birth certificates, address changes, airport check-in, and Employer Identification Numbers – with more document types to follow soon. 

The GOV+ platform features an intuitive, easy-to-use interface and a patented auto-fill technology that allows users to retrieve their information with a single click, eliminating the need to enter it every time they need to file an application. Its dashboard allows users to keep track of all their applications, which will help avoid duplication of applications and inform them of the statuses. There are also multiple other services offered on its platform, such as online notary, digital signature, passport photos, and online payment of mandatory government fees.

In particular, GOV+’s passport photo service provides a huge convenience for users. Traditionally, applicants need to visit a photography studio to have a picture taken that meets the State Department’s standards. GOV+ makes it easier, allowing the applicant to take a selfie and upload it to the platform. It leverages artificial intelligence technology to transform the selfie into a clear and beautiful passport-size photo that meets government requirements.  

The platform also eliminates the need to pay for fees by cheque by providing an online payment method that is secure and convenient, bringing government fee payment into the modern era. 

Since GOV+ deals with sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII), it has put in place strict data privacy protocols. Its fully developed security plan includes 256-bit encryption, qualified security staff, multi-factor authentication, malware protection, and other sophisticated measures.

According to Guy, the idea for GOV+ came when he needed to apply for an Employer Identification Number for his business, but he noticed that the federal website was closed on the weekend. He found this counterintuitive, so he used his knowledge as a computer programmer to design a program that would complete this process on the weekend. Guy and Katie then worked together on several similar projects, before realizing that they needed to unify all these solutions on a singular platform, which led to GOV+ being born.

Since he was seven years old, Guy has been an avid computer programmer. Growing up in France, he admired how entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley created innovative technological solutions, and he aspired to be like them. After obtaining his diploma, he moved to the US, working as a programmer for two years before becoming a full-time business owner.

“After coming to the US, I experienced massive inconveniences when applying for government documents. This motivated me to solve these problems and help others have a better experience. GOV+ makes government applications simpler and easier than ever before, and we are regularly adding new services that will make things more convenient and painless for as many people as possible,” says Guy.


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