DermaBoss Sets a New Standard for Beauty as It Helps Users Achieve Their Best Look

Up-and-coming LGBTQ+ owned skincare company DermaBoss is setting a new standard for beauty with its all-natural, vegan, and clean products that are helping users get rid of prevailing skin problems, from acne to dryness as well as lack of proper nourishment. Its innovative formulations have been tried and tested by skincare experts and a team of committed scientists, making each product highly effective for any skin type. 

DermaBoss believes in the power of inclusion in promoting beauty and overall skin health. Its founders, CEO Marcus McFall and CMO Rachael Hayes met at college at the University of Iowa, where they were both studying. The two shared a common interest, skincare, that strengthened their friendship and belief in each others’ ability to create something life-changing for a lot of people. With DermaBoss, their goal is to empower people and build self-confidence by achieving healthy, beautiful skin through products that are natural, safe, very affordable, and very effective. 

DermaBoss is proud of the safety that each product offers to consumers as they are all free from hazardous ingredients such as parabens, dyes, harsh alcohols, petrochemicals, sodium lauryl sulfates, and synthetic fragrances that tend to irritate the skin. At the height of the pandemic last year, the company’s emerging products were sold out thrice. In a saturated and highly competitive industry, the company’s greatest core competency is the efficiency of the formulations- It is thus not surprising to see why more and more people are putting their trust in products that deliver despite being vegan. 

At present, there are three main products available: the Pineapple + Vitamin C Brightening cleanser, Vitamin C Serum, and Cell Hydrating Serum. These three fan favorites come in a DermaBoss Ultimate Bundle and are perfect for anyone struggling with skin issues like breakouts, as well as for achieving a smooth and clear complexion. 

The Pineapple + Vitamin C Brightening cleanser comes in an airless pump so that users do not waste a single drop of it, and is both packaged and scented beautifully. 

The Vitamin C Serum, in particular, is recommended for clients who want to both brighten and smoothen their complexion. Additionally, it is highly effective in getting rid of acne scars and other blemishes. Some people even swear by using this serum before they put on their makeup, to achieve a clean and flawless finish. 

The Cell Hydrating Serum is best for clients who want to reduce fine lines, dryness, redness, wrinkles, and blemishes. It has the unique ability to create a barrier of hydration and simultaneously reduce shine and breakouts. And believe it or not, it can be used as a makeup primer as well.

One year into the business, McFall, and Hayes have achieved something remarkable, a feat that very few entrepreneurs achieve in a short period of time. Their clear vision and careful thought of their “big why” resulted in products that are redefining beauty for all races and groups.  

“We are dedicated to creating a space where individuals can feel confident in their own skin, inside and out. Our goal is to make skincare inclusive, affordable, and all natural, that is why each year we donate a portion of our sales to help lift up the LGBTQ+ community to fight for equity & equality,” McFall and Hayes explained.

DermaBoss is committed to being an inclusive vegan beauty brand designed for everyone. McFall and Hayes plan to take their business to the next level as they anticipate another year that they hope will impact more lives.


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