DeDis Travel Looking to Bring People to Their Travel Destinations

Nowadays, many people dream of traveling and experiencing new cultures, places, sights, and experiences. Unfortunately, the last year hasn’t been too good for the travel industry as a whole, as the pandemic forced most borders to close for health protocol reasons. Yet now the world slowly opens up once more at the last stretch of COVID-19’s strength, and agencies like DeDis Travel are springing to life to revive people’s love and aspirations of getting lost in a world of wonder. 

DeDis Travel is a small business in the travel industry that aims to deliver to people their wildest dreams of traveling the world in style without breaking the bank. Its founder, Dianna Longwill, is an avid traveler herself who has long wanted to move all around the globe to experience new adventures. “I have always wanted to travel,” shares Dianna. “I even joined the Army to jaunt around the world. I want to bring other people to different places to enlighten them about the world around them.”

Despite being a grandmother of three grandchildren, the native of East Washington still has a world of wonder and awe springing from her. There’s nothing that DeDi, as Diane’s friends and family refer to her,  loves more than to travel and see the sights. Growing up, her family of eight would often travel around the country to create memories and expand their view of the world. Dianna Longwill herself hasn’t traveled internationally yet, but she hopes that the DeDis Travel launch will enable her to see more of the world in the future.  “I have dreamed of Greece, Italy, France, Scotland, and Ireland, where my dad was from,” DeDi. “I hope to travel to Northern Europe, Switzerland, and maybe Russia and Germany too. They could always pique my interest.”

DeDis Travel is a lean operation but promises good customer service and some of the best deals available in the market. The company offers a wide array of travel services like hotel booking, air flight deals, cruise experiences, and car rentals, to name a few. The travel agency also offers travel resources that help travelers by providing information, tips, and guides when traveling the world. 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a statement announcing that fully vaccinated people can now travel in and out of the United States without the need of quarantine or testing. Over 24% of Americans have now been fully vaccinated to prevent COVID-19 contamination and symptoms. As more people finally get immunization and the world finds better ways to curb disease spread than border closures, there will most likely be an exponential uptick in domestic and international travel in the coming months. 

Gearing up for that fabulous and beautiful travel, DeDis Travel is offering many exclusive deals to some of the best cruises and international travels for people itching to see the world once more. Dianna Longwill is more than ready to help people fulfill their goals of reaching new borders and getting a taste of the best that the world’s many cultures have to offer to wandering souls. Learn more about DeDis Travel and check out their latest deals by visiting the travel agency’s website.


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