Daniel Kivo: A Catalyst for Change in the Talent Acquisition and Management Industry

Growing a business venture is perhaps one of the most challenging and demanding things anyone can do. As such, business owners employ talent acquisition and management experts like Daniel Kivo to help them pick out stellar leaders and employees who can contribute to the success of their venture.

He is the founder of Hire VA Now, a marketplace that connects business owners with excellent virtual assistants in eCommerce, digital marketing, web development, and many other fields. 

Discussing what makes his brand unique and special, the entrepreneur said, “Hire VA Now receives thousands of freelancer applicants each week to join the marketplace. Hire VA Now interviews and vets them, takes the top 1% based on skill, attitude, and communication, and makes them available to clients quickly whenever they need them. On the backend, Hire VA Now has 24/7 support to make sure clients have a good experience. Lastly, they have a no turnover guarantee covering replacement costs if the freelancer ever quits.”

But before he created the platform, he was first a seasoned Strategic Talent Sourcing professional who has been in the industry since 2010. He started as a Human Resource Specialist with the United States Navy, where he learned the fundamentals and essential aspects of the job. During his four years with the organization, he has also acquired the important skills of training and development.

Determined to further elevate his knowledge in the field, the diligent man decided to study communication at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa. He even pursued graduate studies, and he now has a Master of Science in Human Resources from Claremont Graduate University. 

However, what makes Daniel Kivo an actual authority in talent management is his profound understanding of the various facets of the industry. The insightful individual does not simply focus on choosing the right people for the right jobs.

Instead, he looks at each stage of the process and masterfully creates a more effective and efficient onboarding process. Furthermore, his decisions are carefully made and backed by reliable data that he obtained from thorough research. 

For example, when he worked for Link Consulting as a recruiter in 2016, he spearheaded a few projects that improved candidate quality and increased supply. He successfully defined new candidate selection parameters, automated resume screening, and led the process improvement to identify, assess, and execute company-wide initiatives for talent acquisition.

Because of his impressive track record and passion for his career, Daniel Kivo landed a leadership role three years ago with Ace Parking. As the company’s talent manager, he spearheaded the creation of the Talent Acquisition model, which ensures the successful execution of the company’s recruitment strategy.

Alongside his impeccable talent for talent management, he is also a master in retention. He has helped his organizations reduce shrink and attrition by collaborating with leadership and creating an atmosphere where employees can build trust. 

These incredible accomplishments are just a few of the many valuable contributions made by the seasoned professional. The visionary has proved countless times that he is a catalyst for change armed with groundbreaking ideas and innovative strategies. Moving forward, Daniel Kivo intends to continue helping more businesses scale their success.

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