Cris Cawley, CEO of Game Changer Publishing, Helps Entrepreneurs Create and Publish Bestselling Books to Increase their Impact, Influence, and Income

Game Changer Publishing truly lives up to its name. The company is dedicated to helping clients publish bestselling books in 90 days or less to provide them with more income, help them make a greater impact, and increase their influence in the lives of readers worldwide. The CEO and her team are also on a mission to help entrepreneurs across the globe publish bestselling books that drive to their business and back-end high-ticket offers so they can scale their businesses as quickly and efficiently as possible. Over the years, Game Changer Publishing has created a lasting impact in the lives of its clients by ensuring that their books reach the potential they deserve.

Game Changer Publishing was founded by award-winning coach and serial entrepreneur Cris Cawley, who began her career in 1998 and has impacted over 155,000 entrepreneurs through her ventures in book publishing, coaching/consulting, and high ticket masterminds. Committed to making a real difference in the world, Cris established Game Changer Publishing to not only fulfill her aspirations as an entrepreneur but simultaneously uplift others’ lives in the process. She is driven to give authors and entrepreneurs an avenue to excel in their industries.

On top of unrivaled publishing services, Cris Cawley has also launched many bestselling programs that have helped her clients leverage their expertise and passion into profits through high-ticket programs and unmatched book publishing. Building on her early success, the CEO has been featured alongside some of the country’s most sought-after speakers and thought leaders. Her passion for empowering entrepreneurs has made a significant impact on the world, helping brands and businesses across the globe scale their profits. While other publishing companies may struggle to find the sweet spot with the entrepreneur and speaker audience, Game Changer Publishing has never missed the mark.

Game Changer Publishing’s list of bestsellers keeps growing every day. Some of their notable releases and clients include Get your Satisfaction by Alex Peykoff, Mass Torts A to Z by Edward J. Lake, Esq., Lightning in a Bottle: How Entrepreneurs Can Harness Their ADHD to Win by John M. Torrens, Ph.DDiaries of a Female Real Estate Investor by Farrah Ali, Why Real Estate and Why Now by Kerry Lampkin and DNA of a Winner: 8 Steps to Building the Soulprint of A Winner by Brad Dalton, and many more. 

Asked what motivated her to build Game Changer Publishing, the serial entrepreneur shared that it was her drive to continually change lives that pushed her to start such a meaningful venture. She also shared that she strives to be a positive example to her daughters and teach them what it means to be a thriving entrepreneur while building a lasting legacy that would be known for generations to come.  

“After over 20 years in the business, my priorities have shifted, and I’ve built multiple incredible businesses around my lifestyle, and I am able to enjoy the location independence and time freedom that being an entrepreneur offers. I’ve taught thousands of others along the way, and serving other successful entrepreneurs is what I love and what keeps me in the game,” shared Cris Cawley. “Our global mission is to help 500,000 driven entrepreneurs and authors gain more impact, influence, and income in their business over the next five years.”

In addition, Game Changer Publishing also aims to become a 100-million dollar company, expanding across the globe to serve as many authors and entrepreneurs as possible.


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