Content Creator and Influencer brotherofcolor Shares How He Found Himself on a Higher Platform

The past decade has ushered in the genesis of the digital era, opening the door to new platforms and careers. Among the most prominent careers today are content creators and influencers, which have thrived with new platforms and technology. Paris Kinsey is among the veterans in the content creation space, best known as brotherofcolor on TikTok.

Born and raised in San Diego, brotherofcolor is a 28-year-old content creator in the comedy department. He has been filming his antics for over eleven years. Initially, the content creator was filming as a hobby, but he never imagined the magnitude of his creation.

Brotherofcolor’s content creation blew up when he released a clip with him and his sister. The video showed him handing cash over to his sister after losing a bet. The clip started to circulate the web, reaching millions and even getting reposts by celebrities. From there, his platform only grew.

As his fame developed, so did his followers on Instagram and other social media platforms. So Brotherofcolor decided to take advantage of his fame and pursue a new endeavor as an influencer. With a larger platform and following, he gained opportunities to collaborate with other brands, including fast-food chain titan McDonald’s, where he became a brand ambassador. 

Like many content creators, brotherofcolor thrives in comedy and occasionally posts music on his feed. However, he believes that many of his followers follow him due to the unique type of content he creates. “I really try and create content that the viewer can connect to and enjoy while being educated and entertained at the same time,” explained the content creator.

Brotherofcolor’s clips are catered towards viewers who enjoy watching and listening to the content he creates, which is very diverse. Due to the easy access to the internet, the content creator strives to make his works enjoyable and family-friendly for children and adults.

Despite how congested the content creation space can be, brotherofcolor is able to set himself apart from his peers with his hard work, perseverance, and consistency in creating enjoyable content. “I try and create content that is very diverse and different,” he explained. “Every piece of content I’ve created, I enjoyed the process – and even without the success that I’ve had, I would still do it because I truly love what I do.”

Brotherofcolor ventured into the content creation space because of his passion for creating content and music. While many others strive to pursue such a career, the content creator never expected to enter it. “I never really thought of actually building my own brand until I joined the TikTok app and started having really good success on there,” brotherofcolor revealed.

Although he has already amassed a strong following, brotherofcolor hopes to expand his horizons and have his name and works known worldwide. With a burning passion for his craft, the content creator hopes to have more people discover his brand and see what he has to offer. Additionally, brotherofcolor is hoping to elevate his career and hop into the big screen with roles in movies and TV shows.


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