Commit to Visionary Velocity: Commit’s Winning Approach Keeps Customers Ahead of the Competition

Visionary Velocity
Photo Credited to Max Nirenberg, Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director for North America (left) Commit President Arik Faingold (right)

By: John Maadi

There are two development games in this global economy. One wins and the other loses. The old game uses siloed thinking and outdated constraints. The old game is slow and expensive. These companies watch as other companies run right by them. The winners are the players of “Visionary Velocity”.

After the tech bubble burst, many companies shifted their mindset from “grow head count at all costs”, to right-sizing the team and expenses to support a profitable and sustainable growth plan. As things begin to stabilize, some companies have jumped right back into their old habits, but IntelyCare, the leading tech-enabled nurse staffing platform for healthcare organizations in the United States, pivoted. They shifted their mindset to leverage global talent in bursts with well-defined objectives. They became more open to remote and dispersed teams and leveraged a “scale up and down model” to support critical initiatives. They needed a partner who could scale very quickly and who had the operational capabilities to match this way of working. Introducing Commit!

Commit uses the Visionary Velocity approach to support the evolution of any product or business. An AWS Premier Tier services company with offices in New York, Israel, Europe, and Latin America, Commit was founded in 2005 and has over 700 multi-disciplinary innovation specialists cater to a diverse range of companies, spanning from small startups to large enterprises across various business sectors. Commit boasts a portfolio with over 30 Unicorns and provides cutting-edge, comprehensive technology solutions through the creation of bespoke software and IoT platforms hosted on the AWS cloud.

IntelyCare’s on-demand mobile nursing job app transforms the lives of nurses by simplifying the scheduling and staffing process to match qualified nurses. IntelyCare needed a partner consisting of specialized tech professionals who could support their vision of sophisticated product iterations without a bloated staff.

“As IntelyCare continues to grow, we understand that evolution and innovation is a never-ending journey. Our next chapter, after reaching Unicorn status, comes with new challenges and opportunities. As we scale, we need partners whom we can trust.  We need them to understand our corporate goals and values and to move in lockstep with us as our needs evolve. Our clients and customers save lives, so our expectations around quality are extremely high!  Commit has the proper mindset, scale, and flexibility to partner with IntelyCare, now and in the future”, said Leo Hart, CTO of IntelyCare.

Commit focuses on Customer-Centricity, Future Thinking, Continuous Learning, Collective Curiosity, Extreme Commitment to Innovation, and Trusted Partnerships. In other words – Visionary Velocity.

“As the tech landscape evolves, we evolve with it, embracing the opportunities it presents and leading ourselves and our clients into an era of limitless possibilities,” Max Nirenberg, Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director for North America said. “Together, we will shape a future where technology becomes a powerful catalyst for growth, enabling remarkable achievements that pave the way towards a world where the extraordinary becomes the new standard.”


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