CoJewlrs Introduces a Shared Space of Private Boutiques for a More Immersive Experience of Luxury Shopping

Jewelry is like the perfect spice; its unique design tells a story and has the power to bring any outfit to a show-stopping completion. So it is no surprise that jewelry has been around for hundreds of years, used to make special occasions or gifted to loved ones. Over the years, the jewelry industry has witnessed a significant boom due to consistent demand, yet the billion-dollar industry lacks one crucial factor for continued success – community. To bridge this gap and help vendors and guests improve their shared experience, CoJewlrs introduces a communal space where luxury meets community. 

On a mission to revolutionize the jewelry industry, CoJewlrs is a collection of private boutiques taking luxury shopping to the next level. This innovative venture is the first of its kind in the industry, providing resellers with a shared space to display their products featuring some of the world’s finest timepieces, estate jewelry, diamonds, designer handbags, fine eyewear and art and enjoy the patronage of interested guests. On top of creating a one-in-all space for resellers, the brilliant minds behind CoJewlrs also optimized the space to be the go-to place for guests to buy, sell, trade, consign, and service their precious goods.

Aside from being a private boutique-style storefront for resellers of all material goods, CoJewlrs also provides guests with the utmost privacy to freely buy, sell, and trade with different vendors without guilt or pressure, a feature often lacking in a traditional jewelry exchange setting. The platform also features a complimentary bar and lounge area for vendors and guests to enjoy, making the communal space a cozy spot to hang out and transact. 

Being the first in the game to make the innovative concept a reality, CoJewlrs has set the blueprint for excellence in its industry. The communal space benefits vendors by creating a community of like-minded individuals offering various precious goods and opening a floodgate of B2B opportunities. On the other hand, clients have the luxury of choosing which vendor they wish to work with based on the relationships they can establish. “Everyone has options, and that’s the best way to do good business,” shared the brilliant visionary behind the venture, Stac Yagu.

As with many successful enterprises, CoJewlrs embodies the passion and incredible work ethic of its founder, Stac Yagu, a lifelong entrepreneur who has been in the jewelry industry for over two decades, from owning private stores to being in jewelry exchanges across NYC and South Florida. Leveraging his vast experience in the industry, the go-getter wanted to create a physical marketplace for high-end luxury goods where guests and vendors can transact business in the privacy of a boutique rather than a booth in the old traditional jewelry exchange setting. “I felt the need to merge the benefits of owning a private store and shared spaces and created CoJewlrs,” he explained. 

In the coming years, Stac Yagu aims to position CoJewlrs as the go-to spot for anyone looking to buy, sell, trade, consign and service high-quality jewelry while enjoying the camaraderie of the communal space. 



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